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  1. Yes, he did file for I-485! should I maybe attach a copy of the letter we received form USCIS stating it is currently pending?
  2. For our tax return this year, we're filling out the w-7 for my husband since he does not have his green card yet (or ssn) and is still currently waiting for his work authorization. His K-1 visa is obviously expired, so i'm confused as to what we need to fill out in section 6c) which asks which visa he is on. Should we still put K-1? even though it is expired? also, for his identification, do we need make it a certified copy?? Just want to make sure we do it right! anyone who has successfully filed this way please help us out! the IRS for sure scares me lol
  3. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    I'm filling out the w-7 now want to make sure I answer correctly. question 6c asks for the visa he's on.. I don't know what the right answer is because his K-1 visa is expired. we're waiting for his AOS now. should I still add the K-1??
  4. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    Okay, I have one final question.. If he has his work authorization pending, does that mean we still need to fill out the W-7?? I kinda thought I could attach a copy of the letter we got stating that USCIS is processing his work documents along with a social security number..
  5. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    thank you so much for your info!!
  6. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    okay wow, that's so affordable! thank you so much for your info!! I truly appreciate it!!
  7. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    Well, we've managed to get him his license and open up a bank account without an SSN, but I guess we'll try to reapply for one. I didn't realize we could try again. If they approve him for an SSN, does that meant he can work? because did he apply for work authorization, he just hasn't been approved yet.
  8. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    Thank you so much! this is exactly what I wanted to know! I've never had to pay someone to file my taxes so I have no idea how much I should expect to pay. Not sure if I can afford it of not!
  9. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    I think we didn't realize that he needed to apply before we got married. He applied after we got married back in October and just a few weeks ago they denied his request for an SSN because his visa expired
  10. Katemdedo

    Filing Taxes

    I don't even know how long it would take for him to receive an ITIN if he filled it out. I don't know if we would get in time for my tax filing. I think I'm gonna go consult with an accountant tomorrow and see what they see I guess.
  11. Hey guys! I spent the last 4 hours looking for answers I can't find, so I figured I'd just ask on here! My husband came here on his K-1 visa and is now waiting for his AOS to receive his green card. I'm filing my 2018 taxes right now and I'm filing as married. My husband does not have an SSN yet and does not have work documents yet. he obviously isn't working right now, do to that. I'm confused as to what I should do. Is he eligible to fill out a W-7?? or should I say he's a non-resident alien? In my head I thought he's viewed as a resident alien because he has an alien ID number. Please give me guidance if y'all know how I can properly file my taxes! thanks in advance!!
  12. Y'all! I've got a question cuz I'm so confused! My husband and I have been working on his Adjustment of Status and I'm feeling confident about all of our supporting documents except for his medical. Does he need to have another medical exam here in the states? Do we need to supply vaccination proof? I was under the impression we needed to do an I-693, but we could wait until we had his interview scheduled so the documents would be in date. I didn't think we would send his medical that was opened at the border because it's now no longer sealed. I'm just so confused!! help!!!
  13. Do you guys know what the average wait time to receive the NVC number is? I called and they said that it can take up to 6 weeks to receive our petition and the up the 8 weeks for the NVC to process it.. surely it won’t take that long??? We got approved on April 18th. Any rough estimates?
  14. Thank you so much!
  15. What number do you guys call to contact the NVC?? It’s been two week since our approval and I want inquire about our case number, cuz we haven’t gotten it yet.