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  1. Oh 😍 I hope so ! Thankyou for the response Georgia 👋🏻
  2. Hi everyone? Anyone here filed at Seattle ? I need some incouragement 🥴 What does it mean if latest I-485 status has changed to "new card being produced" on the website? I wait for almost 2 years for my interview . Jan30 they give me interview . Since then I don’t receive any update until March 8,2019 . I received an email from USCIS saying my I-485 status had been updated to "new card being produced" - however, I did not receive an approval notice or anything stating that a decision had been made. I am highly confused! What happen after this status ? Are they going to send me my card ? How long I need to wait again ? My status is taking too long compared to others . I’m very heartbroken. More
  3. Hi Seattle Washington filers . How’s everyone. I got my interview last jan29,2019 . It’s more 30 days now and I don’t hear any update from them . Anyone here have the same experience? I’m so tired of waiting . I’ve been hanging for almost 2 years now .
  4. Hi everyone 👋🏻 My interview for my I485 just done last January 29, 2019 at Seattle Washington.More than 30 days now and I don’t have any update 🥴 anyone here ? Have same experience? I’m so sick .. I’ve been waiting for my case for almost 2 years now .
  5. So frustrating.. what month and year did you file your case ?
  6. So frustrating 😭 what month and year did you file your case ?
  7. I wonder what are their bases for the interview schedule . I Can’t get it 🤢 I filed earlier than my friend but she got her GC first . The most frustrating part is I don’t have any update in my case status 😪 I also have one friend she filed June 2017 and got her GC May 2018 .. same case and same office . I don’t want to compare but I can’t help myself to think about it. I called USCIS many times but they just keep on telling me to wait 🙄😅
  8. Hello guys .. I am September 2017 filers and I’m still waiting too 😭 I’m kinda feel jealous with my friend because she already have her GC .. she also filed in Seattle September 2017 . She filed sept.27 I filed sept.17 . She had her interview last week of August and got her GC 1stweek of September . I’m very happy for her and I’m very sad for me 🤣🤢😭
  9. My heart is aching 💔 I don’t have any update for my interview 😭 I filled at Seattle Washington office 😓
  10. Hello I’m Graze and I am also August filers .. just wanna know if you guys are done with the interview ? thank you
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