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  1. Hi! the interview went so smooth, and it was unexpected because i was at the window of a very strict consul that no one wanted to get! Lol. She was just very precise and wanted short and to the point answers, which i gave. I didn’t have any difficulties with her questions at all, and she did not ask for much evidence. Our interview session took about no longer than 15 mins and i was approved We’re looking at around 2nd of week of June for me to fly out of Manila. Hopefully! Hope all is well with you too.
  2. Congratulations to Everyone who are nearing the end of their K1 journey! A new beginning starts once you’re married partners, and have to think about and hustle over the AOS process.. and who’s surname to use. I’m almost at the finish line as well, Just waiting for my Visa to be ready for pick-up. ..if ever you guys are interested in knowing.. ( hears crickets ) anyway, congrats again to everyone, and good vibes to those still waiting!
  3. I’m wondering if any other May and June filers here are still waiting for Approval?
  4. Wow. Looks like i’ve missed a lot. Happy for all the good news and progress! been lurking around more in the K1 visa journey facebook group.. I kinda feel bad for the other people there who’s questions rarely get answered as the majority of people there are from the Ph. anyway, anyone here who’s currently undergoing the medical saga? I’m kinda stressed out more now that i know i’m delayed because of sputum exams. Hope everyone here has been well
  5. GENTLEMAN SAUSAGE HAHAHAHAHA. Fine day to you sir, i’ll have one black tea, some scones and a fine portion of gentleman sausage. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭🌭
  6. don’t want no one no sir no maam no green eggs and ham touching my hooha.
  7. For a second there i thought i had to do the same, then realized it was different all over the world.
  8. It’s the One year one. Glad they have their minds set. It really will be a better future for the kids to be getting an education and a life set up there. Humbling to know they trust you completely. I get frightened sometimes, when i think about how i wouldn’t know anyone but my would-be-husband.. but we’ll see what happens. His father is keen on meeting me though, actually, more keen on me, visiting him to make him food. He loves to eat, and was ecstatic to find out i work as a Cook. Anyway, Thanks for answering!
  9. I’m wondering if i should get a new NBI clearance since ive read in some forums that the newer it is, the better. mine expires this August. Do you guys know if i should get it renewed? Thank you. Also the CFO thing, can be done after the visa approval yes? Is it boring? Or very informative? I apologize for being seemingly lost, i guess i am. I’m both excited and fueled with anxiety with everything that’s been happening. What i’m leaving behind and what New things will come.
  10. HELP! I put our NOA1 received date as our priority date on the DS160. then i read that k1 petitions dont have one. do i have to redo my ds160??
  11. Question again. Do we pay $265 or $240 for the MNL VISA fee? Im confused.
  12. Ours is in transit now going to the Manila Embassy, 8 days after it was received at NVC Do you think i need to fill out the DS160 and get my interview sched? regarding the interview though, it says it was provided by the NVC, but... how would i know when? Or should i go ahead and schedule mine via Online? what did you guys do? thanks!
  13. Not sure anout the toll free number, i did however emailed them ( i am the beneficiary ) and they responded after 5-6 days with our Case number and Invoice number.