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  1. You may want to collect some evidence. Is it legal in your state to record conversations you are involved in without the other party's consent? If she texted you any of those things, be sure to hold on to those texts. You can file for citizenship soon. Maybe you want to do that without telling her. I know it's not exactly a good idea to do this behind one's spouses back, but you're in a bit of a pickle.
  2. I submitted 3 for RFE: two from friends, one from a coworker.
  3. You should get a 'your card was mailed to you' update within a few days, maybe a week. There will be a tracking #.
  4. Yes, it's been approved. I got this update when my approval letter (not the card) was mailed. The card came a few days after the letter.
  5. I got 90 days to submit more evidence. That's the maximum. I did actually use most of that time. I gathered more current electric bills (the older ones only had my husband's name on them, because the bottom portion with both names has to be returned with payment), I was able to file taxes and then get an IRS transcript, I was able to think for a while about all the stuff I had that I hadn't previously thought aof (christmas and anniversary cards addresses to both of us, WhatsApp message protocol from when I visited Family, pictures of the progress we made on our property - different buildings/projects and individual progress updates). I was glad to have as much time to really gather everything I could and ponder for a while if there was anything I hadn't thought of.
  6. Is someone else checkening your mail? Could someine else have taken it? Perhaps USPS made a mistake and it will be delivered on Monday? If you live in a small town, you could go to your post office today and see if they can help. Best of luck getting this straightened out!
  7. We all have been waiting fornour new card since August of 2017 - it takes much longer than a month. You can file N-400 without the new card, but make sure you are eligible. If you do this, they will most likely combine both cases.
  8. Shouldn't they do an interview before making such a decision? I remember, some months ago I saw a status that said 'appeal dismissed'. 😞
  9. That doesn't sound too good. If approved, wouldn't it normally say 'case was approved'?! Then again, some case workers don't enter updates at all, others are very 'creative' when they do.
  10. A case near mine now says 'case was transferred to schedule an interview', too. WAC18011
  11. I had the same issue then I used USCIS' website, but it's working now. I was just temporarily freaking out.
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