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  1. Thanks for the info. We're broke, so there's no hotels or flights. I went to see my family once - alone, because we couldn't both afford to go. I'm working around the clock, we barely have a social life. So there just aren't any pictures. I did send a few when I filed. I don't even have time to make friends or anything. The only people I can ask for affidavits is my in-laws.
  2. That letter is an RFE - go figure. When I filed, my husband and I barely had a financial life, we hadn't yet filed taxes jointly (no reason, we didn't make enough for it to make a difference), no joint bank account, no loans, life insurance, anything. All we had was property we own together, utility and insurance bills. What I can add now is a joint tax return, a loan we both signed and and a car that is registered in both our names. I hope that'll be enough. You can't really commingle financially if there's nothing to be commingled.
  3. That's what I think, too. But progress is progress. It just sucks that my case status still says 'received at local office'. Edit: definitely not an approval. Approval letter looks like this:
  4. I have a letter from USCIS coming today, but no status update online.
  5. I'm starting to see some RFEs from CSC 🙄 but also some transfers today, as well as approvals and cards mailed.
  6. It seems they sent out a bunch of cards today - all cases that have had no status update after the local office thing. Now the case before mine was transferred and the one after was approved. Mine still untouched. I did see some clustered approvals, like 2 or 3 in a row here and there.
  7. More transfers happening today. I saw approvals yesterday. WAC180110xxxx range.
  8. I am definitely seeing some movement, at least for the CSC cases I am watching (WAC180110xxx range). I've seen one or two transfers today, no approvals, one dismissed appeal. However, some cases that have had no status update yesterday (it said received at local office) show "card was picked up by USPS" today. It appears that updates for some cases are not being put into the system, it must depend on the case worker.
  9. Lots of cards were sent out today. I have seen a transfer as well. The case after mine must have been approved without a status update a few days ago, as the card was picked up today. I didn't see any CSC approvals for today though.
  10. No, I didn't. I'll wait until I have my 10 year GC. Then I'll have to deal with my embassy, do some paperwork to be able to do dual citizenship. Then I can file. I wouldn't mind giving up my current citizenship, but family and what-ifs ...
  11. 3 approvals today, within the 100 cases I am tracking (WAC180110 range). They're all case numbers way after mine though.
  12. I get the same message when I call. And we all got this 'transfer to local office' message at some point. If your case really was transferred, the automated system would tell you where. Well at least it should - but that's not always the case.
  13. If you filed at VSC and you got the local office update and nothing else (no transfer to TX, NE or MO), your case is still in Vermont. All you can do is wait.
  14. Of the 100 cases I am tracking (WAC180110 range), three got transferred today, no approvals. There were two approvals yesterday.