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  1. Hello Ahmad! Thank you I am doing well, no there is no update on our case yet. I heard there won’t be any update till 9 months, so We are waiting 9 months after interview . I hope you get an update sooner and be with your love one. Thank you
  2. Hi ahmad9, No, there is no update. We gave up we don’t even check anymore. Just looking for job in Dubai till I find something.
  3. Hi Ali, thank you, and hope she gets her visa very soon and my wife as well. zara, I would recommend you wait for the interview letter, that letter will tell you what you need bring for your interview and what document you need before the interview, and as far as I know for Afghan applicants police certificate is not needed.
  4. Well, It certainly is depressing and hopefully it ends very soon. I just sent an email to my congresswoman and see if she can help me.
  5. Well, it depends on case to cases and the person who interview them, I know it’s frustrating, because I am waiting for my wife’s visa too and it’s been 6 months after the interview, 21 months since we filled and we still don’t know how long more we have to wait. We just need to wait and be hopeful and that’s all we can do for now I think.
  6. Hi , my wife visa is under AP, since July 2018 ,But they always reply to my emails. Check their website and see if you have the right email address, it’s kabuliv@state.gov I think.
  7. I heard most cases get updates after 9 months, so wait another month and hopefully you will hear from them this coming month.
  8. Hi Zara, you don’t need a police clearance certificate. It is waived for afghan citizens. Travel.State.Gov > U.S. Visas > U.S. Visa: Reciprocity and Civil Documents by Country > Afghanistan i recommend you ask a lawyer to fill the forms for you , because one missing document can cause more than a year delay .
  9. Hi morsel, any update on your fiancé visa? My friends wife got her visa in less than a month after her interview? But my wife’s visa is more than 3 months now. And do you have a lawyer?

    1. Mursal


      Hi Tariq, its my husband not fiance and no unfortunately no update yet. The CEAC does show that his case was updated yesterday but still in AP and we haven't heard anything yet. Inshallah soon. Yes, I do have a lawyer. For us its been a little over a month because he had his interview on Sep 23rd. Did they request any additional information for your friends wife and if yes how long after they give the info they received a response and/or visa? 

  10. Hi Mursal, Yeah they ask to bring all the original document at the time of your interview including a copy of the tax document. lets hope your husband gets his visa very soon. my wife's case is under AP and there was not any update date since July 29th, all other updates that we have is replying to our emails. once I get any update I will write it here. Zara, I am glad you got your approval from USCIS, and unfortunately no I don't know how long does it take. NVC gave us our KBL exactly after two months, so I could say NVS stage is on average 2 months. hope it helps:)
  11. Hi Klewis27, any update regarding your husbands visa? my wife she had her interview on July 24, and its still on AP. I don't know how long more we have to wait.
  12. Mzr, I hope you get a positive response very soon, because this waiting is the worse. My wife’s case is over 60 days now, and I don’t know how long more we should wait, hopefully not very long. Did you have any missing document?
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