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  1. After been denied for more than 10 times on different kinds of visa we applied, a miracle finally came to our rescue and now I got my visa, flew in safely and enjoying our greatest moment, I have a question thou, can one work with his immigrant visa while waiting for social security number and the green card?? Thank you guys for the great support and courage you all have been giving me up here.
  2. I have been interview the first time we applied which was somewhere 2016 then I wasn’t given the visa all info was transferred to the state for review and asked as to prove why to keep our case active then we did and they approved and now, with the email they did it only said you have been booked for an appointment and also to redo our ds260 but no visa fee
  3. What happens when you case status says administrative process and the embassy requires you to redo medical,police report,passport,passport pictures,marriage certificate and birth certificate,does that mean you have another interview? If yes should I go with additional supporting documents because they never asked. Help please and if there are questions to be asked can someone who went through this to brief me a little bit please
  4. After my interview in 2016 which my visa wasn’t approved, I have had an approval again from the uscis early 2017 and I got approved again on the 04/10,2018 but my approval in 2017 was sent to nvc and they sent it back uscis and now earlier before my approval we were sent a notice which says NOTICE OF INTERN TO REVOKE and we should tell them about our relationship and how we met and our future plans, I need help specially on this future plans, I have never been to the state so my wife and I have no any specific plans, but rather to study/work and and take care of my baby and the house, my first question what happens when you get multiple approval? And what will be next?
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