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  1. All is very good info, certainly appreciate all the help. Still a bit of risk as opposed to simply having a state issued ID, but in FL the DMV has had the beneficiary waiting for months with a paper driver permit and refusing to provide any form of ID until they verify her legal status. Nothing found on their website regarding what documents are required or she may be missing in order to get a photo id issued by the state. Thanks all
  2. Sorry about the typos, using an iphone. Meant to time PR is a US territory and the K1 Visa is now expired. Marriage already took place of course. Yes, chances of the flight diverting are slim to none. Probably has either never happened or not in decades, but murphy's law is such.....
  3. Hello all, if the fiancé is still on AOS. Biometrics on May 20th wants to travel to PR is it safe or recommended since we’ve not been able to get a drivers license or other form of ID? We know PR is a IS territory but we’re concerned because of the overseas portion of the trip, the fact that the Fiancé only has. Belorussian passport with a now experience K1 vida and the possibility of this raising questions on the way there or back to Florida. Google searches have mixed opinions about the risk and some people do not recommend any kind of travel outside the lower 48. Petitioners parents are in PR and want to meet the new now wife. thanks all
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