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  1. Hi Henry, Welcome to the group! Texas is working on July 18th today and the process a day a week, so it seems like they are 2 months out from your application. I am thinking you should hear something by April. I BELIEVE the services centers are assigned by states where we lived. We don't get to choose. The dates you listed are estimates, for more accurate data's visit https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/ to monitor how things are moving along.
  2. This site is updated everyday...Today is says April 30th...check it tommorrow it will say May 1st if they are done with the 30th. Its updated EVERYDAY.https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/
  3. I watched the website everyday and unfortunately Nebraska is still at April 26th. I think they are going to get to us around May. If they did, they are doing things out of order. Potomac though have less cases and they are a smaller center...are movimg super fast.
  4. OMG, that is great! Come on Nebraska, I monitor their site everyday. I think if we lucky, we will be approved by May. With their current pace, that's a big IF.
  5. On the site, it says that Nebraska I30's are processing February 16, 2018. They update this literally everyday. If they keep the pace , they will hit us May / June ish.... By the way, welcome...
  6. Parent's Petition Timeline Member Service Center Parent Mailed DOC NOA1 NOA2 Approved Date Mae29 Mom Dad 9/16 10/01 4Jacques – Ruth Nebraska Mom 9/23 10/01 Jamaican Gooner Potomac Mom 9/24 10/01
  7. I just found ours in SPAM as well. Our service Center is Nebraska and their timeframe runs around 7.5 months and they are currently processing January 2018. I am freaking out because last month I requested my mother in law birth certificate, extract archive and passport photos that I need when we reach NVC and I think I lost or misplace the whole package. Please pray I find them this weekend after turning the house upside down because if not, I need to request them again and in Haiti things can take forever before you get them. I am feeling nervous now!
  8. Potomoc Service Center is processing at 1 year. They are currently at Ocotber 4 2017 applications. Nebraska which is where I am are at 7.5 month proceasing January 5 2018 applications. Let's hope they keep the pace.
  9. Lol I just went to check spam and found my email too. Its weird how it went to spam when we have received email from NCIS site.
  10. Great. I think it depends on whom you file for. I'll take my guess to think it would be Nebraska or Vermont because California do not do parents petition or at least I did not see parent listed on their processing timeline. n
  11. Ours was right on two year Mark - Aug 20 1016v(Case Received) - Aug 23 2016 (Oath Ceremony).
  12. Glad to hear. I received the text notification yesterday 10/1/18 and the card was charged the day before that. Yes, let the wait be as excruciatingly short as possible. I hope as we go through the holiday, they keep working lol.
  13. Hi Jamaican Gooner, Thanks for the template, I modified and posted above with color. I like color!! Easy to see and edit... Welcome aboard Jamaican Gooner. Glad to see more joining. It is feeling a little lonely in here but hopefully not for long.
  14. Parent's Petition Timeline Member Service Center Parent Mailed DOC NOA1 NOA2 Approved Date Mae29 Mom Dad 9/16 4Jacques – Ruth Mom 9/23 Jamaican Gooner Mom 9/24 
  15. I sent it through UPS in regular mail costing me $12, why I do not know. However, I do hope to receive it the text soon.