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  1. Hello, Did you ever get an answer to your question because we are now in the same dillema.
  2. Hello Milasa, I hope you are well. On our side here things look slow. We file the petition Sept 2018 and was approved Sept 2019 and moved to NVC. By March 2020 we became documentarily qualified but at this point there is a one year backlogged in Haiti. This means its a year or more just to get an interview date, so the wait continues. It is crazy, unfair and ridiculous but those people in Haiti causing chaos result in the embassy not being able to work ...so, thats where we are. I am praying for a miracle in the midst of all that though.
  3. Thanks for your kind word. I understand it must be hard for you to be in one side of the world and your husband in another. I pray God shield protect your home and marriage.
  4. Update Our current congressional representative is on the short list as a potential pick for President Biden nomination. So they are on top of their businesses. I called this morning to find out what is going regarding the cased that were DQ but not getting interviewed. They informed me that there is a year wait backlogged and March 2019 is currently getting scheduled. With that said, any date prior to that should call their congressional representative. I hope this helps. Thank you
  5. Do you all think this applies to us https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/immigration/article239103788.html
  6. I just called a friend who does immigration paperwork to find out if this is all was just us or across the board. He said during the shut down the system did stop for a few, however when the manifestation began over the lats months that really delay thing because all the consulates had to come back to state to wait for things to come down. As a result, it creates a long backlog. Haitians in Haiti, turning the country upside down are the reason for this.
  7. Wow, why am I not surprised. A loophole, just keep delaying their applications while they are going through the legal system.
  8. Yes Madam G, It is indeed a strategy. Please do reach out to your senator and share your concern. The normally have case workers who can reach out to the Department of State to figure out what is going on. Please keep us infom. Since my case is just from a week ago, I will continue to monitor you guys review from here. However, this is beyond ridiculous. People are being punished for doing things legally. Ps: above all, don't forget to vote.
  9. So, I started this thread and literally everyone is gone. lol I finally got Documentarily Qualified and is waiting on interview date. However, I just read on another thread that June 2019 folks are still waiting on interview dates, I can't believe it.
  10. Nina, Your case has been there for too long, I would reach out to my senator. Please keep us in the loop
  11. Have you considered calling your senator to see if this is something their case worker can look into. I work for the government and as sad as it is to say, sometimes politics move thing. My MIL became DQ last week and we were thinking booking tickets for August because I have my AA mileage that are set to expire today. Seeing your post just gave me a whole other perspective on the matter. Thank you
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