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  1. Does anyone have his Oath Ceremony cancelled on January 16th on the Paramount Theater at Oakland California?
  2. Sorry! 2017. i thought I had corrected it.
  3. I actually got two Oath Ceremony letters today, I can either go on January 16th or February 13th. Which is January 16th for sure.
  4. Hi! I am also a SF flier, I sent my packet on 12/25/2018. I got my interview on Friday January 4th. On Monday January 7th, I got a notification saying "Oath Ceremony Notice Was Mailed". now I am just waiting for the letter to come. FYI: The Oath Ceremony will happen at Paramount Theater in Oakland, I checked their website, they have ceremonies once a month. the next two will be held on Wednesdays ... January 16th and February 13th and goes on.
  5. Hi all! I have been check my case status online(N 400 filled in December) and what is saying is " At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case". It's been like that for about three months. Does anyone have the same issue? Thank you
  6. Just want to let you know that my approval date is 11/20/2017 not 10/20/2017. Thanks
  7. Finally it's over. Got approved today. NOA: July 25th 2016 thanks VJ and good luck for everyone see you on N400
  8. July 25th still waiting. I called last thursday for service request and still haven't heard anything.
  9. Make sure to call in the morning. I called this afternoon but they said the officers are busy and they take calls only in the morning. good luck
  10. USCIS just updated the processing time. As September 30th they are on August 3rd. Does anyone have his NOA before August 3rd? mine is July 25th and still pending.
  11. Didn't not receive the first appointment letter , I had to call and they rescheduled me on oct 18th 2016. thank you .
  12. Hey! can also anyone add me? filled on July 21st 2016, NOA July 25th 2016, CSC and still pending. Thank you. Did not file N400 either