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    Portland, Oregon
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    Travel, Music, Dance, Photography, Outdoors, Sunset, Beach, Ocean Breeze, Waterfall sound...

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    We've met over the internet a while back and we have found common ground, interests, & hobby. After a while we fell in love. We've met in person for the first time in March of 2006 for a couple of days, and then in January 2007 for a full week. On Sunday January 21st I officially proposed to her in person and she accepted to live the rest of her life with me as my wedding wife.
    We love each other very much and we want to raise our family here in the US.
    God Bless the USA, and all the people who live and breathe here. Vik
    We broke up on 04/22/07
    Reconnected on 06-16-07
    Expected POE Denver Intl - 07/02/07
    Married - 09/29/07
    Still Married - 12/29/07
    Divorce - Sep 08
    9/12/08 - she returns to Romania
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