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  1. So I have been working on my OPT EAD that will expire 2/20. My AOS package have been sent in and today 1/8 I had my biometrics appointment. I would like to expedite the EAD if possible because it will be extremely tight on money if my husband have to pay literally everything, and I will go insane if I can't work until May again... I have a full time job now where I want to keep working. I have also applied for a promotion but those interviews haven't started yet. As far as expediting with a job "offer", since I technically already have the job but would need to get back to it ASAP. What kind of evidence would I need to provide? Should the letter be from HR or my store manager, or area manager? Should it say that they need me back asap or what kind of details is goo in the letter? If I get the promotion, could that be an existential to expedite because they need me in the position asap? The company I work for is Nationwide and the HR office is located in MA but I'm working at one our our stores in MN. Any advice is appreciated. I want to have everything ready when I request expedite. Also, can I drop of evidence after theits requested at the local field office? If so, can I just go there or do I need info pass appointment? Or can I only fax it? Thanks
  2. Since I have EAD card now I will be attaching copies of all such documents, however, on the income when it comes to sponsoring me we just have my husband's income as it is enough to sponsor me. But even with his decent income, there's a lot of bills that needs to be paid that he can't do it all himself for a long time. I will probably reach out to HR in January and see what they have to say. Hoping this doesn't make me lose my position though. It's a company Nationwide and not just locally so not sure how they look at things and my value for the company. I don't wanna do anything that would deny my application though. I was just looking at options since I had heard about forgiveness from USCIS if you work unauthorized when marrying a USC.
  3. Thanks for your reply! That cleared up some questions I had. Would the letter be sent in after the biometrics appointment then, or with My AOS packet? Sorry for all the questions, this is all new to me and trying to get through all of it without legal help.
  4. I am the spouse of a US Citizen. So we are filing AOS based on our marriage. I would never lie to my employer. I value that job way too much. I was just curious about the 180 day exemption because I've heard about it. Can you explain what you mean with won't be a bar for AOS purposes? How soon can I request an expedite after filing the AOS application including the 765 application for new EAD? Would including my barcode for "renewal/replacement" of my OPT EAD help me get it faster?
  5. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the 180 day exemption of unauthorized employment, I've tried googling it but the legal jargon confused me. I am on F-1 visa now, currently on my OPT which expires in February. My AOS packet will be sent in this upcoming week, including EAD application. Throigh marriage. Since I am working authorized when I send my application in, what are the laws and such on unauthorized employment after filing for AOS and you're current EAD expiring, am I exempt? I know you shouldn't work without authorization but I'm just wondering if I technically could work after my OPT EAD expires until I get my new EAD, eapecially since it seems to take longer to get EAD from AOS. A girl I spoke to said her lawyer advised her to just keep living her life and work, but what would I risk as someone who entered legally, have never worked without authorization before, I have never been out of status or broken any laws of being here legally or such, and my authorization would expire after AOS would be sent in. I would just go insane not working and my student loans kinda needs to be paid because they refuse to let me defer it for a little bit. Any advice would help, if you have links backing up what you know that would be great as well. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am sending in my AOS application this week and was just wondering if I should make one cover letter for all of it, or two? I will be adding in my husband's i-130 petition with my i485 application. Thanks
  7. Hello, So my husband is filing the i.130 petition for me so that I can adjust my status. We are working on the paperwork and his previous job had a change in ownership at some point between 2013 and 2014. The address is the same and his position stayed the same, it was just the owner that changed. He have spoken to HR and they dont know an exact date, some legal paperwork was filed in 2013 and they know the name changed sometime in 2014. Can I put both owners in the same employer section? FIRST OWNER / SECOND OWNER, and explain that there was a change in ownership sometime in the middle of his time there (5 years) in additional information at the end of the form? or should we split them up as two different employers even though to him, it was the same job?
  8. He thinks it was sometime mid August, because he says it was towards the end of the summer. So I was thinking putting August 15th, 2011 maybe?
  9. Hi, So my Husband is filing a petition for me to adjust my status, but he cannot find the start date from his previous job. It was back in 2011 and not even the HR department seems to be able to help him. The company he worked for changed owners in the middle of his time there, so not sure if some records got lost in that process. Is there another way to find out his start date at that job, and if we can't find it at all, can we out down an estimate?
  10. Hello, So on March 5th I got a notification that my OPT case had been approved and that I should receive the approval notice i-797 in the mail sometime after that. The notice actually came the same day as I received that notification and my status hanged in the website. On the 5th it changed from Case Received to Case Approved on march 1st /so updates on website are delayed). My approval notice I received in the mail says my new start date is February 28th (which have already passed when I received the notice). That should technically mean that the 28th was when my card went in to production, yes? My requested start date was earlier in february so they decided a new later start date. Nothing has changed on the website yet but they've said themselves that their website is not updating in a timely manner. Since I have received my i-797, for OPT EAD, how long after that notice should my card arrive? Hope I explained that well enough, Thanks.
  11. Matildawr

    Supporting Documents for B2

    I never said the person CAN't post, I just suggested they shouldn't if they don't have any valuable information to bring to the conversation. I understand that there is not list of what will grant her a visa, i was just asking for suggestion of documents that could maybe be helpful. So to ask a follow up question, could these types of documents be helpful to bring, or absolutely not: proof of home ownership in Thailand (I have no clue if we can get this translate to english in such short time or if there is an english copy of it) proof of enrollment in school in sweden with a date that she needs to be back by letter from, and signed by my father stating that he is fully financially responsible for her during their intended stay and a letter from me stating that I invite her along with my father to visit me. pictures of them together to show that they are in a serious relationship with no intention to stay in the us, but go back to their life in sweden as soon as the 12 days they will stay is over. migration documents that shows her status in Sweden and her residence in sweden. I have heard that documents you bring might not be looked at, but I feel like it might not hurt the interview at all?
  12. Matildawr

    Supporting Documents for B2

    Really, that's your advice? I don't understand what you are even trying to accomplish with your comments because you have absolutely no solid advice. Obviously she does not have a folder of documents that she can bring to an interview for a US visa when she has never applied for one before and she does not know what documents she can bring, hence why I am asking for advice. This is a new process for me, my dad and her. I am asking so that they can work on getting documents that she could bring, such as a letter of admission or something from a school and so on. Documents she does not HAVE but could get if she request it in time. Unless you have any actual advice I suggest you stop commenting because you do not offer any valuable information at all.
  13. Matildawr

    Supporting Documents for B2

    How hard is it to understand that I do NOT know what documents she has, since I am not her. I am simply asking for suggestions of common documents that one can bring to a visa interview to show ties. For example "she can bring documents to show that she owns a property if she has a property". I have never been through this process and want common, general information that can help her during her interview.
  14. Matildawr

    Supporting Documents for B2

    I am asking for advice on WHAT documents she could bring since I do not know what documents would be appropriate that could show strong ties. I am asking for advice from people who might have been through this process before. I have never had to show supporting documents to show strong ties to a country myself since I am on a student visa. I want to know suggestions of types of documents she could bring so that I can let my father and her know what she needs to gather for her interview.
  15. Matildawr

    Supporting Documents for B2

    My father (Swedish nationality and will travel on ESTA, Visa waiver program) and his partner who lives with him in Sweden wants to come visit me in the US, where I am studying at a University on an F-1 Visa. She is of Thai nationality and is a Thai citizen, she does there fore not qualify for the visa waiver program and needs to apply for a B2 visa. They will visit for 12 days. I helped them complete the DS-160 and stated the intended travel date and length of stay in the application. I have heard a lot that she needs to show ties to home country or the country where she lives. She lives in Sweden, legally, where she goes to school to study the language. She lives with my father but does not work at the moment, and my father will finance the trip to come visit me completely. What are some suggestion of documents she can bring to her visa interview to show strong ties to Sweden, where she lives, and Thailand, which is the country she holds citizenship in. She is my fathers girlfriend, and she lives with him. She is registered on the same address as him in Sweden. She has a sister who lives in Sweden as well with her children, and her own children (who are now adults) lives in Thailand. She also bought a house in Thailand since she spends summers there. She goes to school in Sweden to study swedish and learn the language, she does not work as of right now. any help would be greatly appreciated.