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  1. since that time. and still waiting. This group added 200 pages since I first started. I hope we all hear something positive soon!
  2. Approaching 17 months after interview! Painfully separated from my family: wife and son! I hope someone from the State Department read this thread to see the amount of pain everyone is going through! No one would like this hardship to his family and no one should like this to anyone else!
  3. May Allah Make it easy for you! You are right we need to appreciate and be thankful to Allah for the health and sound mind! You will soon get your visa! Congratulations to Sudanese people the new era towards democracy!
  4. Well: we will disagree here! I think this is not the place for this type of discussion. Our issue right now is not religion. The issue is the DS5535 form and a government policy!
  5. Thanks my friend! I have been waiting for 16 month. The most realistic plan at this point is patience! I have strong faith in Allah that a solution is certain!
  6. Hello my friend! This marriages are written in haven! Now that you are blessed with this sweet marriage, please be optimistic and never value any thing above marriage, no country, not a job, nothing above family and marriage. Please be patient, and travel as often as possible to meet your spouse. I made 5 visits to my wife in Tangier area in just 15 months. I value my wife more than my self, if denied the visa, I will go to court, and if court also denied my wife visa I will go to the next level and next level until the supreme court, and if the highest court denied my wife visa, I will give up the US citizenship at that point! Nothing worth in life than a loving spouse and a great family. Like your case, I have a great job in USA. I hold a terminal degree and a higher position. If my country (US) doesn't value me, I am willing to move on and live in any country that recognize my quality. This processes so far doesn't make any sense. My wife and I are VERY educated and have nothing in mind than contributing to our country (US) and the humanity at large. We are intelligent, we love life and we wanted to bring up our family to be so. We do not fit the profile for this security screening, but its what its. So my advise is to be patient. Moroccan are sweet people, seek help and support from friends and be optimistic. Always believe that the final decision comes from Allah, that me be to live with your spouse in USA or else where and always for a good reason! Never regret or heart your spouse because of this process, be grateful that you got to know and marry your spouse. I do not have Moroccan background, but married to a VERY loving beautiful Moroccan wife, and have very beautiful son from my wife. If asked to repeat this over, I will still with great love marry my wife despite of all these difficulties!
  7. Where did you hear that? The form started around May 2017, so there is no question of 3-4 years. Please do not spread fear among the people. There are many reasons for someone to be kept on the AP, usually for incomplete documents or inconveniencing evidences such fake marriages etc. However the DS5535 has only one purpose: that is to screen applicants for any link with terrorism or potential security risks. There are many who received their visas withing 10-13 months. However since the beginning of this year we have seen slow in the process initially because of the government shut down. I personally has been waiting since 15 month for my wife to get cleared. Her interview was in December 2107. So please let us not to spread false information. No one knows how long this may take, no one in the state department or the consulates talk about that, so any information is merely a guess! I wish everyone the BEST!!!
  8. Well done! All love and respect. This has been very difficult journey for all of us! Let us support each other. In this day I pray for all of us to be unite with our loved ones!
  9. These are unfair questions. No one should answer such personal questions on this open forum!! I hope we are respectful of each other privacy!
  10. Good point!!!! We here just to share our experience with each other, not to judge or investigate any one. but to support each other on this very long process that resulted in our families separations.
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