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  1. Thank you everyone. I now understand that a divorce itself won't be an issue, but I now have 3 new questions. 1)If I dont apply for a citizenship and just stay as a PR, does USCIS ever look at my file and investigate the validity of our marriage? Should I keep collecting bona fide proof (like rental agreement, joint statements etc?) 2) Upon divorcing, will I have to notify USCIS of my marital status change?? or even in general, will there be times when I still have to deal with USCIS FOR ANYTHING? (If i am NOT applying for citizenship). Is address change the only thing I will need to keep doing? 3) Some say that if I apply for citizenship at 5 year mark, the marriage through which I got my GC (and a divorce) dont have any effect on the process. but some say that a divorce becomes an issue and they will re-verify the validity of marriage. Which is true??
  2. I got my 10 yr green card a few months ago through marriage. I met my spouse almost 8 years ago, and after being in a relationship for 4 yesrs or so, we got married. I got a conditional green card, but I got the condition removed and got my 10 year green card. My marriage has been rough since a few months before I got my condition removed, and now I really can't stand it anymore. 1) I now have the 10yr green card, but does a divorce afffect my immigration status in any way? My attorney told me that if the divorce has to happen, make sure it is not due to mu fault, but should be my spouse's. For example, even though I have the 10 yr GC, if I am the one who got violent, or even cheated on my spouse, and that was the cause of the divorce, it would look bad. My attorney said the divorce should be due to my spouse's, but I dont even think this is true. Can anyone clarify? No one in our marriage has cheated, but I want a divorce asap. 2) It has only been a few months since I got my 10yr green card. Would it be bad if I divorce too soon? 3) If one day I want a citizenship after 5 years from now, would my divorce become an issue?
  3. Very very similar to mine. Application receipt date and transfer date are both almost at the same time as my case. Did you submit a lot of marriage evidence? I did not combine my income with my spouse, so we didn't have joint bank statements, and I was very concerned that I might get an interview. If you have submitted more, you might get approved very soon too!
  4. Yes, I got a transfer notice about a month ago saying my case was transferred from California Service Center to National Benefits Center.
  5. i wanna give some of you guys hope. I applied for i751 and it was delivered on 10/15/2020 through my attorney. A few days ago, my attorney contacted me and told me that my case has been approved. When i checked my status online 2 days ago, it said New Card is being produced. Today my case changed to "Case was approved". It only took me 4 months! I also didnt get a biometrics appointment notice Hopefully more people get approved as quickly!
  6. Thanks! Yes, you're correct! I applied in California and my case number starts with WAC. I got a notice last month saying my case has been transferred to a different service center. I was thinking my status would change from "New Card is being produced" to "Card was mailed to me" or something like that. But today I checked it and it says "Fingerprints were taken." Is this normal? I did not go to biometrics appointment nor did I receive the appointment notice, and I did not have my fingerprints taken this time. (I did it when I did AOS). I hope this is not their mistake and revert back to the "Pending" status!
  7. Is it possible not to get called in for Biometrics appointment? I got my conditional green card towards the end of 2018, and I applied for I-751 to remove my condition in November 2020. I remember having to pay biometrics fee with the application fee. Today, I noticed that my status has been changed to "New Card is being Produced" from Pending. I never received biometrics appointment notice. My questions are as follows: 1) Is it possible to get approved this quick? I know that USCIS has lots of applications piled up and even worse because of Covid, but I already got my case approved and it has been only 3-4 months! (I am not complaining though!) 2) Is it possible not to receive biometrics appointment notice but still get approved? If so, which photo will be used? The same one I took for my conditional green card more than 3 years ago?
  8. Thank you, but is there anything I need to submit to my employer?
  9. Do I need to show or submit something to my employer? They are asking me if I need to show them a proof or something for them to legally let me work for them
  10. My conditional green card is expiring in 2 days, and my attorney submitted I-751 packet for me a week or so ago. We know that our packet has arrived a few days ago, but we have not received our Receipt notice yet. Am I allowed to legally work after my conditional green card has expired but I have not received the I-797 receipt notice? I have been employed, and I need this income.
  11. I just hope I won't get any RFE, and I am trying my best to collect as much other evidence as possible. By the way, I am aware this is not fully on I-751 topic, but is it ever possible to switch from I-751 process to H1B process? Let's say you are working for a company that really needs you. But your I-751 with your spouse was ever denied for some reason. If your company sponsors you for H1b, can you transfer your status to H1b status?
  12. We actually did open a joint bank account, but we didn't really use it because I was the only income earner most of the time, and I didnt put money in the account because she would use it. So I was paying everything from my personal checking account. But I wouldn't want to lie to USCIS saying we never opened a joint bank account. Do you think I could say something like: Regarding our joint bank statements, we are afraid we cannot provide this evidence. My spouse <XXXX: name> did not have any income during the past 2 years, and I was supporting both of us. We simply did not find the necessity of using a joint checking account. Fortunately, XXXX got hired again on MM/dd/yyyy and we have decided to open a joint saving account, so we can contribute some every month for our future. I have included in this I-751 packet the proof of opening a joint saving account. Does this sound okay?
  13. Oh so, it is either showing the bank statements OR giving an explanation on WHY not have joint bank account, to avoid RFE. I wish USCIS was more direct at this and specifically said in the instruction "You need to either submit the joint bank statement OR give us an explanation on why you don't have it, if you don't have it." Because my attorney is unwilling to include a letter of this sort, saying that kind of letter can make your case look suspicious. I told him I want to include just a very quick explanation (like one or two sentences basically saying we simply didn't use a joint bank account because one person was mainly the only income earner, and pay the bills for both). Do you think this is enough explanation? Should I include this in the cover letter as it is just a few sentences, or should I include a separate letter for that?
  14. It sucks that there is no one specific piece of evidence that we "must" provide, yet USCIS tends to RFE you if you didn't submit joint bank account or joint credit card. If they want to RFE you for not submitting joint bank statements, they should just make joint bank statements as a "mandatory" evidence altogether. I have seen many couples where they submit joint tax returns, 401k, all insurances together, but without joint bank statements, and they still got an RFE asking for joint bank statements. I feel like this is stupid because all the other stuff like joint tax returns, 401k and life insurance etc should still show that the marriage is real. I don't see why they half-require joint bank statements.
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