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  1. Thank you! Yeah that's a good sign. You guys will be all set here soon. Just buy the green card before ya leave Indonesia! They will mail you the passport and the paper instructions. Good luck!
  2. Hey @Blkbam, yep! Her and I are in the states now. It took her about 10 days or so to get the visa back. They told her same at interview - everything was approved and just wait for visa
  3. My wife is from Jakarta, Indonesia. We are here currently. She has had her interview but they wouldn't give her visa yet. They said her passport name and birth certificate name has to be a 100% match. Her B.C. only has her first name. We don't want to change her passport to only first name. We have also seen that many others have got approved without having an exact match between the two. Could any of you give me some advice please? Thanks! @Blkbam
  4. Does anybody have any more info on how we can go about fixing this issue? Why is the consulate saying my wife's passport and birth certificate has to be a 100% match in her name, when I've seen plenty of others on here be fine without the names being a 100% match?
  5. Lucky Cat, could you please move it to the correct Asia section? You added it to Asia: South, and it needs to be Asia: East and Pacific. And by the way, I made the new thread in Asia East and Pacific because it was much better explained in the new thread with what I needed to know. Now people need to go through a lot of mumbo-jumbo within this one... but oh well. thanks
  6. Thank you for awareness, I went and asked within the regional forum. I did not know that was on here.
  7. Thanks! Ok so if I'm understanding this correctly, the couple reps at the consulate is completely wrong? They told her specifically that her passport name needs to 100% match her birth certificate name. I do completely agree with you, that there are tons of people who don't have matching passport/BC names. It's either these two consulate employees are completely uninformed, or in Indonesia this is just how it has to be done. I'm going to do a little more digging to see if this is some weird Indonesia thing, and also on Monday AM we're going to call the consulate and ask into this further...
  8. @pushbrk @aratamorne @JKLSemicolon, Thank you all for your quick responses! I was completely misinformed so this all makes sense now. - Her marriage certificate also only has her first name, so yes it does match her birth certificate name. However, as I mentioned earlier, we don't want to change the passport name to match the marriage certificate / birth certificate name, because she will run into issues with getting Drivers License, Social Security Card, etc. The U.S. wants more than just 1 name on those. That is unless, what I read online is completely wrong, and people have absolutely no problem with getting drivers license, S.S. card, etc with just first name. (I've read quite a bit of misinformation out there before on the interweb). From the way it is looking, if only one name on passport does cause problems, we are just going to have to go through the process of name change here in Indonesia: change name on her birth certificate. It's a long drawn out process, but we'll just have to run this final lap and get it done.. Yeah, they certainly could have been - I just didn't know 😕, obviously didn't prepare myself enough unfortunately. Since we're on that note... I have a couple questions for clarity for what's next. I understand that it is best to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee after she is approved, and before we go to the U.S. In order to pay for it, I need the A Number and DOS. Also, I've read that the social security card and green card will arrive a few weeks after she arrives to the states. Questions: - Is the A-Number and DOS mailed to her home with her passport at the same time? - I was told to go to go to https://my.uscis.gov/uscis-immigrant-fee once I receive the A-Number and DOS to pay for green card. Is this the same as filing Form I-485 / Application to Register or Adjust Status? So after I go to that site and I pay for the green card, I won't have to fill out Form I-485? - We don't plan to go to the U.S. for a few months.... does the Social Security Administration and Homeland Security know she has arrived in the U.S. as soon as she clears customs? Then we can just expect to wait for a few weeks and we'll receive mail from them two with the cards? - Is there anything else that I need to do at this time? From what I'm aware of, once I take care of the above I am good to go! I know this is a handful, so I Really appreciate your guys time in helping me.
  9. Hey VJ! My wife just had her interview today. YAY. Almost finished. She'll have an IR-1 visa soon. However, since her name on her passport and her birth certificate do not match, she was told that she has to switch one of them to match the other. Her passport has her full name, and Birth certificate only has her first name. She does not want to switch the name on birth certificate to be full name because it's a major pain, she has to go through many hoops to get that finished. So we're thinking about switching her passport name to just have her first name. We've done some research and have seen that there will be no issue with her entering the U.S. with just first name on passport, but when it comes to her getting a drivers license, social security number, etc, there will be problems. So what we're looking to do is switch her passport name here in Indonesia, and when she enters the U.S. change it again. I've also seen that when she enters the U.S. with IR-1 visa, that she is considered a permanent resident right away. I've read that if you're a permanent resident, that you can go to the county clerk office and change the passport name. Ok so my questions are: - Will she be able to change the passport name "Right Away" without having official green card yet...but only having her I-551 stamp for Legal Permanent Resident? - Will there be any complications later on with her B.C. and Passport having two different names? Basically, we're wanting to please the folks at the consultant so she can get her visa, but also don't want to have a problem later down the road. The reason why we won't just change the birth certificate is because she would have to change all her other documentation in Indonesia, go to courthouse and get B.C. name change approved and other things - it'll just be a pain/drawn out process. Thank you
  10. Admin please delete this and keep other new thread, as new one is better stated. Thank you
  11. hey VJ! I have a couple of questions. My Indonesian wife was instructed after she completed her medical check-up to email about scheduling a visa interview. She gets an automatic response that has no information about appointment, but there is a link to set one up. On the page there's the note: *There are currently no appointments available. Is this common right now, and do we just keep waiting for them to email us with updates? 2nd question - When we got the email about setting up the medical checkup - the subject line stated CR1, instead of IR1. We have been married since December 2018. We started the process for getting marriage visa obviously months before our 2nd anniversary. Will we still be able to get an IR1 visa? Or does the application process have to begin After being married for 2 years? Is there anything I can do to ensure we get an IR1 instead of CR1? I had seen another VJ member had an issue with this before, and I'm unsure of the outcome of it. Thank you in advance!
  12. Great info! Thanks everyone for chiming in! Fully understood now
  13. How can I pay for it in advance? Right now, we're in the part where she needs to go see the doctor. So we're getting immunizations done before she goes to see the doc.... and then having interview right afterwards. Can I pay for green card fee now? Or when? Thanks
  14. Thank you! Yes, we are wanting to go to Europe this summer is why I wondered about travel right away... (this is even if we are able to anyway...)
  15. Edit: My questions: How long will it take before she is able to travel outside of the U.S? I have read she can right away as she will already have a green card in process and can prove it with passport, but then I'm also seeing online that it can take 6 weeks for her to get a physical green card and be able to travel... so I'm a bit confused. Are we only able to apply for the green card AFTER she arrives to the U.S.? With the IR1 visa, will she not be able to be outside of the U.S. for more than 6 months of a year?
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