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  1. I have another question on this form. On Part 6, it asks for Sponsor's Employment and Income. I chose #4 Self-Employed as a/an (Occupation). Number 7 asks for "My current individual annual income is".... well, I really pay myself from my company. I don't know what I will pay myself this year. What would I need to put here? Thank you guys.
  2. Hi pushbrk, I'm not quite understanding, sorry! It sounds like you're saying that I DO need to put "1" in number 3? If I do so, it says I have a household of 3 though. I re-read your reply a few times and I'm not quite understanding. thanks
  3. Gotcha! Makes sense lol. Alright thank you geowrian!
  4. understandable, so on number 3 I should just put 0?
  5. Hey VJ, I am filling out the Form I-864 now. I am at Part 5. I filled it out correctly, but it's stating my Household Size is 3. Actually, it's only my wife and I so it would be 2. Is this something I need to fix with crossing out and putting a 2 with a pen after I print it out? Or leave it as is? I don't want to submit incorrect information. I attached an image. Thanks.
  6. I finally was able to get the website to work, I now have my last 3 years transcripts. WAHOO!
  7. hi Carly, I had posted right before your reply - I called them yesterday and the 4506-T won't do any good right now as their offices are closed down for that. We have to do the transcripts online.
  8. Just got another update. I called them again. This lady says that their offices are down so sending the 4506-T would not do anything at the moment. We HAVE to use the online tool to get our transcripts. If it doesn't work, use the online chat support to get help on it. What good does that do? I have no idea, I'll check tomorrow when the chat support thing is on/open.
  9. That's a bummer. I already had a Wells Fargo credit card that would be reported in Credit Karma, but it was an American Express card which unfortunately couldn't be used. So I contacted the bank to send me a new one that's a VISA. I haven't even used it yet. I thought that may have been potentially an issue, but now you've confirmed it.
  10. Yeah what I mean is, each time I go and try to get my transcripts on the site, I have to restart the whole process all over again in making an account, because technically I cannot make an account until I finish the sign-up process which involves putting the C.C. in. So each time, I go to the site, use the same email to sign up - they send a 8 digit number or whatever to put into the site, and I continue submitting answers. Then I get to C.C. and this happens. Well, I got the Credit Card from my Wells Fargo bank, so yeah that may be the issue. I can get a Credit Union I use to have a credit card with I guess send me a new card - I reckon this one should work?
  11. You're welcome! But hey, check out some of these other comments people are saying in this thread. It seems like no one in IRS knows what they're talking about. Website isn't working at all for me. I put my credit card in and always get the red error. I filed from U.S. with U.S. cell number as os306 mentioned, and a VISA credit card. I don't understand the "mainly with new signups" part, because essentially you can't make an account unless you go through the whole process including submitting your C.C. - which is the part that I can't get past.
  12. Very interesting. I'm curious to see what information others are getting from the IRS. I called the IRS number for individual filers. The man I spoke with though was very confident that Form 4506-T was the way they were doing it now.
  13. Oh whoops! OK Thanks alot! I did not ask, sorry. I know I should have 😕 Yeah, I asked about that. He said that online systems are off and so are phone requests for transcripts and only way to do it now is printing this form and mailing it to them.
  14. Hey all! Finally, IRS has opened their phone lines back up. After an hour of being on hold, the rep told me that they are aware their website doesn't work for getting transcripts. It's because the system is turned off for now. They are also not allowing you to ask for transcripts over the phone neither. You have to fill out the Form 4506-T. You can get it at: https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4506t.pdf My only question for this is, after we print it and fill it out, do we send it to them through physical mail? and if it's by physical mail, what is the exact address to send it to? I totally forgot to ask this on the phone. Any insight would be great. Thanks.
  15. You're welcome! Sure! I know, it's wild.... You would think they'd have a functioning website. They sure have the money for the talent to fix it. From what the support person told me, it has to be those specific transcript forms. No other forms or documentation will do justice and she said I have to wait until I'm able to get through with IRS.
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