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  1. Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of putting the petition together and I have a few questions just to triple check I have everything right! Some questions may sound dumb, but whatever lol! Thanks - 1. How much do I need to send in with my petition to USCIS? Only the $535 for Form I-130? Does the: $325 to the U.S. State Department to apply for the visa, and $120 to the State Department for affidavit of support processing (if the I-864 form is reviewed by USCIS) paid later on in the process? If everything is approved, you will also have to pay an Immigrant Fee to USCIS ($220 as of early 2019). That makes the total government cost $1,200. 2. Do I need do add a proof of naturalization, when I have already added all pages of my passport? If I do, what will work as proof of naturalization? 3. The site states a few weeks after sending petition I’ll receive a NOA letter stating they have begun the processing of I-130. Will this letter be physical only? Or can I get them to give me Every NOA update through E-mail? (since I’m currently overseas with wife). 4. A copy of petitioner’s proof of residency: Does a phone bill work? 5. On the I-130A, "Address History" section, the way the structure is set up for putting an address (set up in a way for a U.S. citizen would put their address) would not work for my wife's address. Her address is very long and completely different than the states. Should I just leave the "Address History" Part 1 4a-9b completely blank, and then just put all of her Address History info into the Part 7. Additional Information section? Thanks all.
  2. I was JUST looking up to see how long it takes to get those cards after entering U.S. and this other info when I seen the notification that you posted in here again. Thanks for this info. This is great to know.
  3. I would like some clarification here to make sure I'm reading this correctly: Basically, if I choose to go the K-3 route, my spouse will be able to come to the U.S. while the I-130 is waiting to be approved. This is a big Plus+, because going with the CR-1, we'd have to wait out the whole approx 13 months before she can come to the states. I'm guessing there has to be a huge downside with going the K-3 visa cause surely more people would be going this route? I google'd how long does it take to receive K-3 visa and the response is it can take 9 months to receive the K-3. That must be it? And is it taking 9 months really the case?
  4. That's great to know. Definitely helps calm my nerves a lot with going at this doing it myself without an attorney. I did hear from someone before that I would have an interview at some point. So that is entirely not true? I will never have to have an interview? Thanks for your key points on what I need to gather. After I submit everything I will get onto gathering all of that together! Thanks for that info! Question - would you happen to have a resource you can share with me that shows each step of the process and the approximate time through each step? Like maybe an image that shows it, or written... just something? That way I have an idea of what's happening? Thanks for your input. After hearing this from a few of you I have decided to carry on doing this myself.
  5. That does make a lot of sense there. I didn't think of it that way. I also haven't seen the threads of the horror stories from attorneys making large mistakes. I'm sure I can do it myself so I reckon that's what I'm going to do. I do have help here as you have stated and I need to use that as my cushion instead of just acting out on fear and getting someone else to do what I can do. One of my concerns with doing it myself is that I am currently traveling abroad for the past couple of years with my wife. We met a couple of years ago and got married in December. My concern is, if I do it myself, how does the communication process take place with USCIS? Are they going to be sending me physical mail with what they need from me, and what the next steps are? Or can I do all of this over e-mail? If the whole process can be done over e-mail that would be great. If not, my 'physical living address' is back at my moms house and she can look out for the mail. Also another question I have is when is it that I have to go do my interview in the states? Do I ever do my interview in the states, or would I be doing it in Indonesia with my wife? Thanks big time!
  6. Oh I see. Got it... Thanks for your advice, I'm going to look a bit more into the whole process and decide from there. I'm no where hurting for money, and more or less want to have someone else do it just for sake of less anxiety worrying about it, and time. Btw thanks for your service. I also was in the AF, did 6 years.
  7. I don't see the links attached, maybe it didn't attach right
  8. Would you happen to have contact info to anyone who could help me?!
  9. Man that's awesome. Thanks for that tip! I'm going to give these guys a look, I really appreciate it.
  10. Thanks... I guess the biggest thing is that I don't want one thing to be wrong on the forms when I'm doing it. One slight thing can get them to say "No" right? And as someone mentioned above, it can take months before you finally hear back from USCIS with them telling me so? So then I have to re-start the whole process all over again? This kinda ties into my response to Bill & Katya, a 3 month delay can't really be a bad thing right? When the delay could be a lot worse if you were to do it yourself and USCIS doesn't let you know you've done it wrong for 6 months +? Also, I'd like to point out that I work for myself so I have been living and traveling abroad for the past couple of years with my wife. Since I am not at home, could the process of going back and forth with USCIS in regards to RFE's and other sorts be a pain in the ***? I wouldn't mind submitting things myself. I just have all of these concerns ^above^ that makes me think I wouldn't mind forking out 2 grand to have it taken care of for me without concerns. I can always make more money.
  11. This is true, and I've thought about it. I've done quite the research. But then I see the cases where people send stuff in and don't hear back from USCIS for months because something was wrong, and then I also see mixed info on it all. I'd rather just have someone tell me exactly what to send them and have them do it, instead of worrying if it was done right. I guess that leads me to the question.... How long is it 'suppose to' take before you even find out if what you sent in was correct?
  12. Thank you all for the help. I've decided to go ahead and get a lawyer to help me out on this as I just want it done right the first time and don't want to mess anything up. Thanks so much though as it is still good guidance going through this. If any of you can recommend a good one, that would be amazing. Thanks.
  13. Hey all, I am looking for guidance in getting this CR-1 done correctly. I got married to an Indonesian December of last year. I was going to do it myself, but there is so much conflicting info, that I'd rather it just be prepared and sent in by someone who's been doing this for many people. I want it done right the first time without hick-ups. Any recommendations at good prices would be great. I know this isn't that tough of a job, and the little time spent on it isn't worth the quotes I've been hearing from some law firms trying to pull a fast one. Thanks.
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