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  1. Hello Everyone, i passed my interview on July 12th. but been so busy working since then. Thank you to all visa journey members who helping me a lot answering all my questions since I started my journey here in the US. I would like to share my interview experience in PORTLAND OR so i can give you some idea how it goes .Because my appointment is so early 7:30 am today (0712/2021) i decided to stay in the hotel. I arrived at 7:25 am so the security let me to enter the building and check my belongings with my interview letter. He told me to go upstairs and stay in the waiting area. The immigration lady officer call my name around 7:45 .She is very nice and make me comfortable. she asking me my drivers license and green card. . first civic test -what is an amendment? -what do we call the first 10 amendments to the constitution? -who is he father of our country? -what is Benjamin Franklin is famous for? -what did Susan B. Anthony do? -what stop of government from becoming too powerful? Reading test what is the one thing we all Americans need todo on April 15th? Writing test We file for taxes Information about Me -are you living same address on your application -are you still working at same employer -are you re marry (no) (because i am widow) yes/no. Have you ever claimed to be a U.S citizen Do you owe any overdue tax The IO told me congratulations . I takes only 12-15 minutes and I am done . She offer me to take an oath same day and if i am interested in that...i said YES of course She told me to come back at 2 pm for my oath ceremony. We have 15 persons in the room and takes only 5 minutes. I am now a U.S. citizen .I am so happy and thankful that i took my oath at the same day so i could not come back . Hope everyone who are from Seattle and transfer to Portland have a good experience and Good luck.
  2. I found one! OMG thank YOU so much very helpful! now i need to study for civic test. I was not expecting to get interview until end of Sept 2021
  3. OMG this is true! haha! i got my date now, July 12th and it will be in Portland Oregon 7:30AM Did i anyone done the interview in Portland yet? can you shar eyour experiences? and Civic questions and are they doing the same day oath? Many thanks and sorry if someone already did and i didn't see. N400 Filed Online : 05/26/2021 Biometrics Reuse: 12/14/2020 Interview Notice: 06/04/2021 Interview Date: 07/12/2021
  4. Yes I tried on iPad android surface and desktop....none work lol
  5. My case status just changed USCIS. Look like they schedule an interview for me. But I was unable to see the notice even on the Documents tab. It keep giving me error: {"data":null,"error":{"developerMessage":null,"userMessage":null}} Does anyone know what this mean? Filed May 26 2020
  6. Yes it was not for me but my sister haha. It was for my sister as her work permit came.
  7. There is something coming to my main box this Friday from USCIS. But I did not see anything reflect on the website. It's said USCIS - Lee's Summit Production facility did anyone receive anything lately? I applied May 2020 I got my biometric reused Dec 14th 2020 My case estimation is sep 2021
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