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  1. Thank you! Yes I’m pretty sure we provided some boarding passes and other documentation. So we’ll see!
  2. Yeah me either! I could have overlooked something. But yes I’ll let you all know! Thank you!
  3. I should have specified that the letter hasn’t arrived yet- I checked on the USCIS website and it let me know that the RFE letter is on its way. So once I get the letter, it’ll tell me the specifics. I probably should have waited to ask questions.
  4. I thought I replied, I’m sorry for any confusion. I appreciate everyone’s help immensely , even if I can’t reapond right away as I am at work. And I did answer, yes we did meet face to face within 2 years before filing the I-129F
  5. Thank you! Yeah I’m pretty sure we provided the boarding passes we had, emails, pics, etc. So I’m hoping it’s something simple like that! Thank you!
  6. This past weekend haha! I’m here in the UK on a visa and we see each other regularly
  7. This past weekend haha! I’m here in the UK on a visa and we see each other regularly
  8. We’re in the same country now- I’m on a workers visa. Back in November 2017
  9. Oh we MET over 2 years ago, and we started the process in November 2017
  10. Yes we’ve met over 2 years ago. I haven’t received the letter- I just checked the case status site and it said that letter is on the way. So yes I suppose I have to wait until it arrives saying what they specifically want. Thank you!
  11. Hey! so our petition was received and they are asking for more evidence. If we’ve already provided pictures and emails, etc. for the petition, whats best to send them for more evidence? Updated pictures and emails?
  12. Hello! For my fiancé to get his police check, does he have to wait until we get the NOA2 and New case number? Or can he go ahead and get it done? (Will receive the NOA2 probably in the next week or so) Thank you!
  13. Thank you! Does it need to be the original or would I be able to scan it/fax over to the beneficiary?
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