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  1. Green Card is in mail, and from tracking, it is already in Honolulu.. We interviewed Tuesday 8am and it was fast and easy.. we gave them evidence as in photos, joint account bank statements, insurance card and even vehicle registered in our names.. but we both felt like it was already a slam dunk at interview time..K-2 was with us..and the fact that "wife" is 5 months pregnant was enough evidence of proof of relationship.. K-2 is in 1st grade, and she was asked simple questions..interviewer looked at wedding pictures and vacation pictures and smiled and said congratulations. Monday our Green Cards will be in the mailbox...Tuesday..Drivers License and Social Security...
  2. congratulations.. we took our 8am interview and were approved too.. finally we can start moving forward legally here in Hawaii..(drivers license and work opportunity)
  3. Our interview is Tuesday...good luck on your interview..😊 but sad for EAD/AP never processed yet..
  4. Interview was scheduled.. lots of checking...not worried or over anxious..but then finally after checking the USCIS case site..no more ready to schedule.. now waiting for the letter and the date so we can book our airline ticket to the USCIS office on other island.. Kauai to Oahu(Honolulu) We applied late January and RFE for 2018 tax returns..and didn't get fingerprinted till Mid March She wants to drive(she has learned how but we want to apply for drivers license) and wants to work.. and..now she is pregnant..😲😁👶
  5. Filed AOS and sent the packet out Jan 24 and arrived to Chicago on 28th.. Check still not cashed..no Noa1 text or anything yet..
  6. In Hawaii, we were able to get SS card easily in Maiden name and arrived in mail quite quickly..30 days after applied. After we were married and received Marriage Certificate(arrived 40 days after wedding ceremony and applied 3 days after wedding) we went to DMV to get ID or Drivers Permit..denied due to SS card in Maiden name. We were told to go to SS to change name first. SS could not do anything because we filed AOS and was in Pending... Visa is expired now..so we have to wait for receipt of AOS and wait for SS to be able to change name from after Pending.. This thread is good..wish we saw it earlier..and applied for Drivers Permit when she first arrived, before things expired.
  7. Thank you for the information.. will take the advise..
  8. I am filing my taxes here in USA with new wife and her child. Child does not have SS# yet and this is making error on my H&R block filing. SS# is applied for, we just currently sent in application for green card and I-765 (box checked for assign her a SS#) AOS packet sent in 1/24/2019 Seeking tax advice for Child dependent since no SS# (file without SS#) or should I just delete her information so as to avoid audit situation.
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