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  1. Actually, when I read the instructions of the form I-485 , I saw that it was optional to send the medical exam together ( because of the delays). Later, I received a courtesy letter from the USCIS in the same time I got the approval of my employment card. They said I could bring with me in the interview day.
  2. I haven't done my medical exam before. I'm glad I didn't, since it has been more than a year that I sent my application. Last Friday I had an appointment with an immigration Doctor. This week I will take the vaccines that I need. Then, probably on Friday I will get my papers from the doctor.
  3. That's nice that our interview were scheduled in the same day. I got my letter today. My interview date is February 26. Excited and anxious!
  4. Finally!!! I got an update this week saying that my interview was scheduled on January 18. Waiting for the interview letter. I need to hurry now to get my I-693 done.
  5. I am in the same situation. Mine also expires in the end of March. I have also submitted the renewal in the beginning of November, but I didn't receive the 180 EAD extension. How this extension works? Is it a letter?
  6. Congratulations for your green card. I think you just got the 2 ys conditional green card. But check your green card expiration date to make sure! https://www.uscis.gov/green-card/after-green-card-granted/conditional-permanent-residence/remove-conditions-permanent-residence-based-marriage
  7. Hi Martin. Wishing you luck in your interview. Please, share your experience with us. I am also in Utah, but I sent my application in October. I don't have any expectations to receive an interview notice anytime soon. I had a RFE in March, and my case was ready for interview just in April. Last month, I had an Infopass appointment and the officer said that I will probably just be interviewed around April/ May 2019. I am very happy that you won't wait this long. Good luck!!!
  8. In my case I used my married name, and also I chose which would be my middle name. In the letters that I received from the immigration , they used the name that I had put in my application. My work permit and social security too. But I believe this is your choice. If you don't want to change your name , you don't have to.
  9. Thanks! The instructions say about the picture, but not about the receipt for the form I-485. However, like you said, we never know" Did you send to Chicago?
  10. HI everybody, I have a question for those that have already sent a package for the EAD renewal. What did you send with your application? Copy of the the work permit Approval notice of the permit Do I need also to send a copy of the I-485 receipt? And more 2 pictures? Any tips? Thank you!!!
  11. Well, it was what the officer here told me. I hope he is wrong because I think that is not fair be the ready for schedule interview date the one they should look it. It was just what the officer told me. I hope he is wrong.
  12. This this week I had an infopass in my local office just to check my case. The officer said that they schedule the interview based on the time our cases are ready for interview. Since my case has been ready for interview just since last April, he said I won't have an interview until April/May of the next year. Sad!
  13. Wow, 5 months? This means if until next month I don't hear anything about my interview I should send my application as well. Thank you!!!
  14. How long before expire did you guys send the application for the renewal of your EAD?