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  1. TD1

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Nope, just kept calling NVC. My timeline is estimated dates.
  2. TD1

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Im from Sask. I have made arrangements to have the medical and interview done in one trip. I booked a combo of airbnb/hotels (lots of cheap options on airbnb that are close walking distance to the medical building and where the interview will be held), I google mapped the areas and then compared them to the airbnb location. The medical receptionist was really great and worked with my interview date, didn't seem too difficult to arrange that. With cost of flights including almost a solid travel day including the connections, I just opted to stay the duration, wait to get my results and go to the interview then fly home on the late flight that day.
  3. TD1

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    Did you register for your interview online?...If so after payment did other interview dates pop up to choose from other then May 18/18 and May 22/18? It says the earliest date available is May 18/18 but I was hoping to choose a different date? Thanks! and Congrats!
  4. TD1

    Montreal medical & Consulate interview Reviews

    I checked the CEAC webpage and it stated "READY". I completed the packet 3 checklist (despite not actually getting it from the consulate, found it online and printed it). I also completed the ds-160, but....I could not get the photo to be accepted and after hours of resizing and cropping I just continued on with the application and it just stated "you must bring a 5 cmx 5 cm passport-like photo to your interview" my question(s) is; Does that suffice (taking passport photo to interview) for not getting a photo to upload to the ds-160? Do I now await the packet 4 to book my medical/interview in which I then pay the visa fee? Also Im from the prairies and am planning on staying the whole duration from my medical to my interview...anyone else doing the same? If so how long are you booking in between your medical from your interview? Thanks everyone!
  5. Hello, sept filers:)....just wondering if any Canadians that have or are soon to be approved thought about medical/interview travel plans to Montreal. I'm travelling from central Canada and was thinking/hoping/wondering what to do with my medical and interview. As it be nice to only have to fly there, find accommodations all at once. I phoned the one doctors office close to the consulate and they said it is ready for pick up in 3 days. Does anyone know if we schedule our own interview in Montreal or if it is made for us? How flexible the medical appointments are to make around the interview date? Good luck to all! Thank you!