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  1. When did you do your interview?
  2. It's the oath letter Don't worry I am sure you will get it soon. Sometimes they give it on the same day of the interview, and sometimes they send it by mail this what I understand from this forum.
  3. I am sure you will get it soon
  4. Yes, it did. When is your ceremony?
  5. Hi My experience. The interview went very well the officer who interviewed me was very very nice. After I was told to wait for the oath letter The ceremony this Friday Good luck to everyone. And thank for the support on this platform
  6. Nice to hear, can you tell more details ]. mine is next week
  7. how was your interview? @May2017...miami
  8. How many days it takes to receive the interview letter after the text message?
  9. It’s been 6 days since I got the text and I haven’t received the letter
  10. congratulation. I am so happy for you! i am waiting for the actual letter to know which date.
  11. any news? i got it yesterday