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  1. Thank you all for your answers! you were all very helpfull. I really appreciate it!
  2. Oh nice. And no questions at the interview about it?
  3. Yes, I totally understand..and you got it right! Our concern wasn’t about the fact the is a non-comunicable disease, because we know no one gets denied unless they have a comunicable illness. It was mostly because of the fact of the public charge. That’s our main concern. And I made over the 125% poverty line this year, and we also are trying to save as much as possible, but I was thinking maybe getting a joint-sponsor just to go on safe side wouldn’t be a bad ideia.
  4. Yes, very expensive! Have you ever been through any immigrant procedure, because looks like you are very sure that he won’t be denied. Just curious, because it’s always good to find someone that has been through the same. thank you!
  5. I appreciate your answer.. it’s good to hear you are doing ok. Yes, it’s not cheap at all. We never thought about my insurance because he always said he would look for a good health plan once he gets here. He also has a engeneering degree, so if he gets a good job he can get a good insurance. These are just some of our thoughts for now. Were you going through any kind of immigrant visa procedure before?
  6. Yes, SusieQQQ, the treatments are very expensive. Just worried about what can happen at the interview. I as above the poverty guidelines this year, probaly a joint sponsor could be useful just to make sure. I don't now. 😕
  7. Hmm, at the moment my employer's insurance is just a regular one, nothing special. And no, he is not on any of those medications, he is just taking imuran. As as said, it's been very controlled since the beginnig (6 years ago), no symptoms at all.
  8. Hi I’m applying for my husband green card ( he is going through consular processing) and I’m a permanent resident. He has Crohn’s disease, which is not communicable, this is, it can not be transmitted to another person. However, my question is if he could be dinied his immigrant visa because of the possibility of public charge ( which would not be because he is being sponsor by me and I met the poverty guidelines). Crohn's is totally under control, he has been out of simptoms for 4years now because he takes all the medication properly and follows all the care instructions, never had surgery. It is not considered a critical condition. Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, i would like to know if your visa was approved, knowing you fiance's health condition. If so, did you guys had to present extra documentation? My husband has also cronh but is totally under control. He just takes his regular medication, never had cirurgy and has been out of symptoms for almost 6 years now. Thank you very much! Regards, Diana.
  10. So, that means your PD is 3/17/17 and you already have your petition approved? Are you a permanent resident? Because if so, that was pretty fast!