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  1. Congratulations! what a crazy long wait! I'm so glad you got approved! Now just waiting and waiting ...
  2. Hello where did you get the stats ? - "USCIS page said, 3rd quarter they have 15,985 waiver and approved only 5,798. Denied 409. Pending case end of 3rd quarter 39,728... " Which USCIS page? Thanks
  3. I filed 8/10, Biometric 9/11, and got email 11/7 that NVC got notice of my 601a waiver. So it takes ~3 months for USCIS to inform NVC about 601a waiver. Also, December is a nogo for processing at USCIS, based on noticing last year very little is processed in December by USCIS, while waiting for I130 approval (in the end took 10 months). USCIS as well as NVC are likely on holiday so less is processed. Maybe add 1/2 month delay for December processing. So may take up to ~3 1/2 months for USCIS to inform NVC about 601a waiver (delay in December processing) Note - I'm no expert. This is just my observation of patiently waiting for my USCIS petitions to get approved. I pretty much sign off in December, as agonizing every day about getting approved just dulls my holiday spirit. My 601a is at Potomac, with no stats on how long it takes for 601a processing yet. Nebraska stats is 6.5 months to 8.5 months I'll probably start checking more after 7 months. Of course it's always in the back of my mind. It sucks that something could absolutely devastate your life and your at the mercy of the USCIS officer who adjudicates your case. Clarebear101, hope NVC is notified soon about your case, and hope this helps!
  4. I am also at Potomac and country is Peru. My dates are submitted 8/10, biometrics 9/11 . I've got a little longer than you to wait, but still have not seen many cases from Potomac. Let's keep in touch, hopefuly we will get approved soon! Ingrid
  5. Congratulations! How do you turn on the service for USPS to send pictures of every letter I am going to receive every day? Based on your timeline I've got about 4 more months to wait. What service center was your I601A at? You also asked about interview dates..they do vary by country. Mine will be Peru and I have no idea how long it takes.
  6. Congratulations, you're a month ahead of me, so thrilled you got such a fast approval! Hope mine is the same. This is the first Potomac approval I've seen, I'm sure there are others? Anyone else with 601a approved at Potomac?
  7. Update - got biometric appt Sept 11, ~ 1 month from receipt # for 601a, @ Potomac Sent I-601A: 8/7/2018 Receipt Date: 8/10/2018 Check Cashed: 8/16/2018 Mailed Postmark from Potomac to CA: 8/20/18 Received in mail: 8/23/2018 Mailed Biometrics letter date: 8/24/2018 Received in mail biometrics appt: 8/30/2018 Biometrics appt: 9/11/2018 Does the 6-8 month wait start from receipt date or after biometrics appt? Hoping this won't be as long as the I130... 1 Maggie88 reacted to this
  8. Finally got receipt date for 601a waiver for my husband, @ Potomac Sent I-601A: 8/7/2018 Receipt Date: 8/10/2018 Check Cashed: 8/16/2018 Mailed Postmark from Potomac to CA: 8/20/18 Received in mail: 8/23/2018 Based on looking through posts, expect biometrics appointment around Sept 10. Then we wait. Anyone else at Potomac? Very little on I601a processing times for Potomac yet?