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  1. Yeah you are right. Well I guess I paid for not being on top of it with cold hard cash. Oh well, as long as I get my I-551 stamp i'm good. Can't wait to be a citizen and not have to worry about all this paperwork, renewals etc. Thanks for all the help guys!
  2. True I could have filed a while back while my card was still valid. But it is still unfair to require someone to file for a replacement card WHILE their N-400 application is in process. The green card application will most likely be rejected as I will be a citizen before it is issued. Exceptions should be made if someone is already in the naturalization process. Its just a way for them to get money from people.
  3. Yeah I wish that happened to me They were supposed to ask you for proof of current status.
  4. Must be. Well they got my money.. $540 paid to Uncle Sam. That rule needs to be changed.
  5. Wow thank you!! It seems that I have to donate $500+ for a GC renewal that will be ultimately denied because I will likely be a citizen by then. Makes no sense. But thank you so much for the article. You rock!
  6. A DL and social security card with no written restrictions can suffice.
  7. I just have an expired GC. My passport is valid. I am going to get the I-551 stamp for my employer. I just need to know if I can do so by taking my passport and N-400 documentation to my infopass appointment. Or If I HAVE to file I-90 and spend $500 before I can get the I-551 stamp. Seems like a waste of money since I am a permanent resident and in process for citizenship.
  8. No You misunderstand me. I have a Social Security Number. I just dont have the physical card. I lost it a while back and never replaced it because I has a GC and it never was required for anything. I have been a GC holder for 10 yrs. Combo of DL and SS card will suffice for I-9. But I went to the office to get the card and I need a Valid GC card to get the actual physical SS card.
  9. I meant getting a SS card with no work restrictions written on it. I did not even know I would need a valid GC to get a SS card.
  10. Thank you for moving. Yes I have a valid DL but I do not have a SS card. Went to the office to get an unrestricted one but they need a valid GC/ Passport with I-551 stamp to process
  11. Hi Guys, My 10 yr GC expired in April 2017. In June, I applied for my citizenship, filling out the N-400. I have done my Biometrics and waiting on interview. I got offered my DREAM job and my start date is on the 28th of this month. However, I do not have proof of ability to work since my GC is expired and I do not have a SS card. I need to get the I-551 stamp on my passport to enable me work and travel while my applications are pending. I already have an infopass appointment for the 21st. However, If I show up there with my notice of action for N-400, will I get the stamp? Or do I have to file for I-90 and take that notice of action to get the stamp? I do not want to file I-90 as that will just be a waste of $500 since I should be getting my citizenship in a few short months. So thats my dilemma. SHould I go to my infopass appointment with my expired GC, notice of action for N-400 and biometrics, and hope to get the stamp? Or should I spend $500 to apply for 1-90 before I go to the infopass appointment? Help will be greatly appreciated!