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  1. Morgan89

    Vaccines at Knightsbridge

    you should be able to get your full records for a fee? I had to pay 30GBP for my full records to show what I'd had from birth.
  2. Morgan89

    Vaccines at Knightsbridge

    I asked why my mom was able to get it for free from her GP in Birmingham 2 months earlier lol! Think they only gave it me begrudgingly because I was annoying them.
  3. Oh no I thought the SSN would arrive with my EAD card 🤨 So usually we have to go to SSA once we’ve recieved the card... do you know if I’ll receive it the same day or do I apply there and then wait for them to mail it?
  4. @K1visaHopeful Brilliant, thank you!! It’s the form you should’ve recieved upon completion of your medical. It states all the vaccines you’ve had.
  5. Hey all, interview question: I had my K1 medical June 2018 Married in the states in August AOS pd - October 12th In my state, it’s like 13-18 months to interview, so will I... 1 - Need another medical before interview? 2 - Need to have my medical records validated in the states? 3 - Do nothing because the medical form I provided for AOS from the UK is valid? - if valid, for how long? TIA!
  6. I was told there isn’t one but it will usually arrive within 7 days 🤞🏾
  7. Re: Filing joint taxes. What does it mean if the beneficiary earns under $100,000 USD? (Sorry if you'd already replied, I couldn't find it lol)
  8. It updated for me on the old website and I didn't have an update for 'Fingerprint review completed'. My last update was for application recieved. My PD was Oct 12 and biometic November 5th
  9. 7 days!! congrats my friend I couldn't believe it either
  10. Hey all! My EAD status changed today to 'New card being produced'!!! finally our time guys :)) - PD October 12th
  11. Brilliant. Thanks for your swift reply!
  12. Hi all, my PD is October 12th however, I had an RFE (for tax information that I aleady 100% had sent but I assume they lost). For some reason, my RFE got returned to USCIS twice so I didnt recieve it until mid december, I replied and the last status update I have was that my responce was recieved on December 21st. So, my question is, am I still considered an October filer or am I now a December filer expecting 2 months added to my timeline for EAD? Also, my mother in law has a registered company and is looking to hire a PA. I've worked as a PA before and she would hire me if I had my SSN. Could I apply for expedited EAD for that job? Thanks
  13. Morgan89

    Roughly how long..

    If everything with your visa is normal - which it seems to be from what you've said then AP should only last a few days. Unfortunately, the status updates don't follow a pattern thats the same for everyone but London is moving pretty fast at the moment. My interview was on the 18th, status changed to 'Application Recieved' for two days and then AP before being issued on tuesday afternoon. From my research whilst I waited, it seemed that most people go from Ready - issued within 7 days but the status order can vary. You don't have anything to worry about as of right now, tbh... I've only seen people with complicated cases or some red flag be in AP for a long time. This doesn't seem to apply in your case!! Fingers crossed for you that it comes tomorrow, before the weekend.