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  1. Starting October (in a few days VB update), I think it would move a little. But based on what you mentioned, I think you will need to wait between 3-6 months.
  2. Received the GC last week. End of the journey
  3. don't say that man, you are done. its matter for few weeks before new visas become available. Hold on.
  4. I think you should be ok starting October 1st, and I guess you resident date will be the approval date (the August 17th)
  5. wow first time i hear about this. Is this just a technicality issue? when do they expect visa numbers to be available?
  6. wow, how long is the wait? did you get an approval notice by mail?
  7. Hi friend, did you receive your GC? its been a week since we were approved, but it hasn't shown up
  8. Had the interview in San Antonio on August 23. Card produced same day. Good luck to you. I will be away from immigration forums for some time.
  9. The officer just went through the yes/no questions plus few questions about the relationship, and current visa status and said case is approved that was about it
  10. Had interview in the morning. Lasted for about 10 minutes. Approved on the spot. Received txt msg that card is being produced as I walked out of the USCIS building. Good luck to you guys.
  11. Did the officer ask about the I130 approval notice? I cant seem to find mine. Can I take the receipt and snapshot of USCIS website showing that its approved?
  12. Hi guys, did your lawyer attend the interview with you?
  13. it shouldn't matter if you leave school before interview as long as your were a fultime student at time of filing.