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  1. Alex, There are two parts to the birth certificate requirement. First, that it be long-form. Second, that it be computer-generated. Long-form birth certificates are those that include the details of parents in addition to that of a child. That is what you have. Computer-generated birth certificates are those that are completed digitally. Your present birth certificate does not pass the second part of the requirement. Hence, you need a new birth certificate that meets the requirements. The general consensus on this site is that the process is relatively quick and painless. Michael
  2. Yale Man

    South African K1 Visa applicants

    This is fantastic news! Julie, what would the movies be without a little drama? In the nick of time, you and Kerren pulled through. It makes for a great story. Wouter, wonderful to hear that the consulate responded to you and has scheduled your interview. As you wrote, it was the right person at the right time! Michael
  3. Yale Man

    South African K1 Visa applicants

    OK community, Julie is now orbiting in a holding pattern. Let's get some of that 'good karma' flowing for her and carry on her habit of giving each other advice. I'll begin. @Wouter Erwee I am slightly ahead of you in the process. My milestones were NOA 1: 17 May 2017; NOA 2: 14 November 2017; NVC to consulate: 12 January 2018. Exactly two months later, I am still waiting for the consulate to contact me by sending the so-called 'package 3' confirmation that they are ready for me to apply online for an interview and schedule a medical examination. If your experience proves to be like mine, it may still be some time before you are able to schedule an interview. Michael
  4. Yale Man

    South African K1 Visa applicants

    Julie, You have been tireless and selfless in giving all of us support. I have no doubt that a lot of people are sending you 'good karma' thoughts right now, hoping that Kerren can get that certificate and reschedule the interview as soon as possible. A community stands behind you. Michael