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  1. She 58 and I'm 26. She's now working as a home health aid. I'm not working now. Use to work as a sales assistants,security guard and self employed
  2. Yes my wife working and she's not on welfare and she have 4 adults. I don't have any kids
  3. I dont at the moment because of my dad he takes away all my money
  4. I'm not sick. I used to work but because of my dad with parkinson disease I have to stop to take care of him.. I have secondary education
  5. I wasn't working at the time of my filing but I was working after but I stopped because my dad is sick with parkinson disease and I have to help him
  6. My question is directing to person who have been to the officer
  7. Thanks much but she was wondering what will they ask her. It's not me wanna know okay
  8. She called me and said the officer at the embassy would like to speak to my wife. I've done my interview september 9 & they denied me the visa and give me a Sworn Statement letter for her to get sign by a Notary and who lives with her and how much money she made yearly she emailed them and now they asking to see her.. Anyone who have been in my position can tell me what will they ask my wife at the embassy please & thanks much appreciated
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