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    Hello Everyone,
    I have not been on VJ in forever, so I wanted to say hi and share alittle about my story. My husband and I have been married now for over 3 years. When we filed for a fiancee visa, it took about 9 months before it was approved. My hubby is now an LPN and he will be a RN within a year. When I met him, he was going to college in Amsterdam and he received his Master's degree, but when he moved here he decided to change fields.
    Shortly after he moved here, he encouraged me to go to school and be whatever I wanted to be...I have received my Associates since then and now I am a Junior at UCF. I go to school FT and currently my husband is the bread winner and he has been so supportive towards me going to college, I feel really Blessed to say the least.
    Even after being married for what seems like eternity....we still have cultural differences. He does not eat American food, I eat only afew Nigerian dishes...he does not have a romantic bone in his body (although he does call me honey bunny) and I have always been a romantic at heart. I do love my husband and even though we do have our differences and sometimes bump heads...I avoid heated arguements to the best of my ability, I don't sweat the small stuff...and I think that is what has kept this marriage together...I simply hate drama and I avoid it by all means. If my husband does something that bother's me or upset's me...I usually express my feelings in a civilized manner..and I think he listens to me and understands my concerns.
    He went home to Nigeria after not being there for over 5 years recently...he had the opportunity to stay there for about 5 weeks (I had class)....and during our little break away from each other it made us appreciate each other a little better. Before he left, he set up a US number on my cell and saved it and when I called that number, it would automatically go straight to him in Nigeria...and he had me call him every single day while he was a way
    He may not be very romantic, but I can see that he does have a heart of gold. Marriage with someone who has many differences with you is difficult, but if you have patience and always remember there WILL be differences, you can make it through whatever comes your way. I show my husband on a daily basis the love I have for him, I let him know that I will always be his biggest fan, and I always try to make him laugh...I think he knows that his happiness means alot to me and I know that he will always want whats best for me and my children.
    I'm sorry for rambling on and on....I wish everyone the best on your journey. Unfortunately, I do not come on VJ anymore because my journey is 100% completed and school keeps me busy..on top of my family. Take care and God Bless EVERYONE I am on Facebook, if anyone wants to add me (I am friends on FB with other VJ members) my name is Crystal Haupert or email is crystal_haupert@yahoo.com
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