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  1. Hello friends! I don’t remember if I have posted here before, but I think not....my fiancé and I just received our NOA2 last week and are preparing for the next steps of the process with medical and interview and whatnot (he’s the Swedish one!). So it finally feels like we have things to do instead of just waiting forever! I don’t want to be redundant if this is asked all the time, but can someone maybe direct me to a link or a place with more Sweden/Stockholm specific embassy info? I just want to make sure we don’t miss anything form-wise and get an idea of the timeline we’re still looking at! I’ll be here in Sweden for about 3 more weeks and would like to help him move everything along as quickly as possible. Maybe it’s unlikely, but it would be really cool if I could even be here when he gets his interview or his medical I also have a specific question to us...if I am a student and my parents are sponsoring him instead with the I-134, do I still need to fill one out myself even though I have no income basically? I did fill out a tax return last year, but not for 2016. So I could only provide 2017 at this point. Any info or websites with more info would be appreciated!
  2. I stalk this forum every day, and literally 5 minutes before boarding my flight to go see my fiancé today.....we were approved!!!! I can’t even believe it! I’m still shaking..
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