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  1. when are we suppose to complete this document ds-260 ? and pay ?
  2. i had to wait 18 days for my RFE reply
  3. FINALLY !!! CASE APPROVED !!! can I get link to next steps please
  4. sam here I sent my RFE back ion feb 28 still waiting for an approval god willing
  5. did you RFE letter say its must be nortorized ?
  6. so I will get another hard copy after I send in my missing info back to RFE ?
  7. what date do i put in my timeline for RFE(s) ? also cani get the link on this forum for next step after approval please
  8. Yes digging for that now thanks so much!!!!
  9. Yes I understand better now . I have found my receipts and bank charges for my tickets and also ATM withdrwal I made overseas . I will write a person letter about our meeting boarding passes are printed again and no baggage tags i trashed them for both trips THANKS A MILLION for explaining I can breathe now
  10. I already sent screen shots of our text and also severeal pics of us on video chat alsp pictures of us with his family in his home and a picture of us in front of airport cant fake that lol also i send recpeits of my airline tickets for both travel and boarding passes too i didnt send my passport cause it was damamge and i recieved a lettter stating they wll not return it so i got a new passport but i wil send that letter for reasoning of unable to send passport photos a freind of mine tell me i need 5 leters from his family with a stamp and translation and i need letters from my family with nortorized stamp all this cost money
  11. I assume its now required for every K1 visa application ?
  12. this is what i get in RFE letter ..... i think it means i need to get each letter nortorised ? also I assume wriiten mean handwritten letters ? i was going to type them up and have them sign it. im confused 😪
  13. my RFE ask for letters from my family freiends who know of our relationship, I cant beelive i missed this one anyways its stating it needs to be sworn , so does this mean each letter needs to be nortirized ?
  14. CalaWaheb

    Chats with dates needed

    i tried to do screenshot it with dates but it disappear too fast thanks all for advise