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  1. hello I saw a post few months back about someone able to find job somewhere in midland working at oil field anyone have information please post thank you so much
  2. ok the reason i asking cause i heard i have to wait 10 days after i have my visa in hand so it will be in system supposely i refuse to wait and wait another 10 days
  3. as soon as i get my passport returned with my visa on it . am i allowed to travel the next day to USA ? or is there a waiting period ?
  4. so after they gave you invoice number did you go online and pay fees and schudule your interview ? im stuck on the page they askong for invoice number so i can pay fees
  5. Yes sorry I can’t focus right now . My status says it’s in READY . So I thunk I might becon wrong page to pay fees i already printed ds160 just I need to find page to pay fees
  6. ok so my case says ready but its asking for me invoice number to contine . am i to wait for an email with that info ?
  7. can i get help on next step my case say its in ready status but im trying to pay fee and its asking for invoice number i already filled out ds form
  8. This is what I get in my email i don’t see imvoce number unless I am blind or should I be expecting another email?
  9. how long does it take to get invoice number ? i already completed forms uploaded passport pic now waiting to pay fees but cant without invoice number status says ready to schedule interview not sure what to do now ou will also need your NVC Case Number and Invoice ID Number (located on the NVC Welcome Letter you received from us). Once you obtain this information, log into the Immigrant Visa Invoice Payment Center and pay your fees. Please note you cannot pay these two fees simultaneously; the online system will ask you to pay them one at a time.
  10. did you already recieve the invoice number with letter from nvc yet ? MY status says ready but it says i need to wait for invoice number to upload docs and pay fee i wonder how long that will take
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