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  1. I just went through the list and took a little of everything. I took the affadavit they already had, but they did not ask for it. I took about 20 photos. I took about 5 screenshots of the pages that show how often we email. I Snipped those on gmail. I tried not to go overboard with anything, as they already have a huge file. I went heavier on the photos, because we had some engagement, some wedding, some generally couples-selfies. We got approved in two days! Husband took all his previous documents, both divorce papers, everything. HTH. Yes, I took another copy of my 2018 tax return.
  2. So no one wanted a new affadavit. Everything they asked for we had. The only catch was that we were on time and everyone else was late, clients, lawyers, interpreters, so we got in about 3 1/2 hours after our appointment time. Otherwise it went well.
  3. yeah we had an RFE for an affadavit of support in May 2019. The instructions are so *vague* they didn't say to do a NEW affadavit of support, and so I turned in the previous one. Then we got an RFE and I turned a newer one in. So it sounds like THIS TIME no new a. of support is needed, just bringing all of our paperwork. half-ton of it. Does that sound right? Ugh.
  4. I just submitted an affadavit of support for my husband/beneficiary in May 2019. We have an interview in September 2019 for his AOS. One of the documents required is the affadavit of support. Do they want a whole new one? The letter's checklist says only "a completed Affadavit of Support with all required evidence." So vague. The other checklist information is stuff we already have and which doesn't even potentially change with time.
  5. Got our NOA2 via US snail, on today, June 11. We were approved on the 7th. 203 days, and four more to actually be notified. -- Go Mr. Bean! Get to crackin' on the rest of November now!
  6. We are Nov. 16 filers (old website). Let's hope it's a trend! And congratulations to you!
  7. Thanks for the clarification. Yes on the congressman and wait on the USCIS. *eyetwitch*
  8. From our timeline: Based on timeline data, your I129f may be adjudicated between May 25, 2018 and June 1, 2018*. If this date range has passed or your application is past due per USCIS processing times then you should consider calling the USCIS to inquire on your petition. The real post: So here we are, NOA1 Nov. 17, and 198 days into the wait for NOA2 on June the 2nd, but Friday was the first. Do we just keep checking the USCIS processing times page to see when the "allowable" time to check back is? And it's 7 months, looks like. When can we inquire without screwing it up for ourselves? I've been reading the forum, but it does get confusing. TIA.
  9. We have a running email each day. So, once a day, but up to 110 back-n-forths. Also an average of a skype a day. How WELL do we communicate is a different story. He doesn't do punctuation, so sometimes I read him wrong.
  10. I don't travel much due to having a job, so I do lots (and lots) of yard work, have re-discovered my genealogy hobby a fifth, maybe sixth time, while the waiting goes on and on. I'm trying to declutter my house. I like to garage sale and visit with friends. I try to gladly embrace every cool thing that comes down the pike in addition to the good cheer and endurance of my fiance. I went to a severe weather spotting class and I'm looking into carpentry classes. I need to walk my dog more.
  11. We will also wait for jet lag to fade (a bit) and then go fill out papers at the local courthouse. I have a list of people to call to be our witnesses when we have an appointment with the magistrate for the marriage, and hopefully someone will be available: no dress code. Then a restaurant! Then, depending on when this all happens, we'll set up a wedding party for the fam, hopefully on the anniversary of one of our important dates, hard to say how that will work out. We did get rings soon after our engagement; we both wear them.
  12. We met via my significant other, and were friends for years. Dee would visit our home on vacation. After some years, my S.O. passed away. Dee continued to visit and eventually we saw one another in a different light. Who knew we'd end up doing this weird and tedious bureaucracy thing!
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