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  1. My card's finally approved and picked up by the usps. It's supposed to be delivered on Monday. Good luck to everyone who's still waiting.
  2. It's going to be 17 months in a few days, and I haven't received any news since my case was transferred to Texas on November 23th. I'm finally doing my application for citizenship tomorrow. I hope everyone receives good news soon, and congrats to everyone who's done with the process.
  3. So, will we be receiving the new extension letters once the current ones are expired?
  4. Hi everyone, I just got back to the States from Turkey with my extension letter and expired green card. The Process in Turkey during check-in and boarding was so smooth, they knew about the extension letter. I didn't need to explain anything. Here, at JFK, I was taken to the secondary inspection office, and it took me 5 minutes to leave that office. I wasn't asked anything beyond the length of my trip.
  5. That's exactly what I'm scared of. I've heard that one passenger was denied boarding in Istanbul and asked for a transportation document(I-131A) from US Embassy in Turkey. That transportation document's filing fee is $575, by the way. I hope I don't have to deal with that kind of things... Thank you for your answer.
  6. Hey everyone, Is there anyone used their extension letter in Turkey? I'm flying to Turkey next week, but I'm confused about my return flight back here. I'm not sure if the people who work at check-in desks in Istanbul are well aware of what this letter means. I just called Turkish Airlines to clarify, but it seems to me they don't even know what the extension letter is.
  7. Did anyone use the extension letter in Turkey? I'm going to visit my family in Turkey, but I'm still not sure if the people who work in check-in kiosks are aware of this letter? I just called Turkish Airlines to get a confirmation, but it seems that they don't even know what it is. I'd appreciate it if anyone who used the letter in Turkey could let me know about his/her experience?
  8. You're right, my bad. Sorry. It changed from "case was received" to RFE directly. Nothing says about biometrics. Thank you so much.
  9. I'm not exactly sure, but mine was changed something to about biometrics, and then to RFE during my AOS. I may be wrong though. Good luck to everyone waiting.
  10. I wasn't asking the approval. I remember from my I-485, right after I did my biometrics, my status changed from "case was received" to "biometrics was received" or something like that. Now it's been more than a week since I did my biometrics, but my case status is still "case was received". Thanks anyway.
  11. Hi everyone, I have a quick question. I did my biometrics last Wednesday; however, my uscis case status is still "case was received". Is this something normal? Thank you.
  12. Hi everyone, I just did my biometrics yesterday. I know that I won't hear anything before 8 months, so I 've already started making travel plans. I have some questions: 1 - Is it really safe traveling with the extension letter? Do I need anything else besides my passport, expired green card(it will be expired soon), and the extension letter? 2- How do we check - in at the airport and get on the plane with an expired green card when we're coming back to the States? I mean do people who work at the check-in counter know about the extension letter? Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone, I just did my biometrics today(October 4th). Do you think that it's safe to travel with the extension letter once my conditional green card expires? Do I need anything else besides the letter? Thank you.