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  1. Thank you @FeDaniela. You are Mind reader. Under new administration, all process are super slow. I almost want to ask about renewal between c14 and c31. I appreciate your clarfication so much
  2. Thank you @Stillwinning!!!😊. You calm my nerve with your response. So i only have to wait for approval notice and c31 in the mail box. Am i right? It is nervous after waiting such a long time, and realize there is something off the road with my case.
  3. @Formykidin i360, we could have ead by 2 ways: 1. Concurrently i360, i765,i485. Then the ead c9 will issued way earlier than i360approval. Ead c9 for pending case. Some attorneys, like mine, dont like that way even we are qualified to do so😫😫😫so😫😫😫 2. When i360 approved, ead c31 will come out automatically. You dont need apply i765 with i360. My case somehow got ead c14?!?! I and my kid were desperate for 23 months since Sep 2017. Until now.... I was waiting for too long. So now when the ead in hand and c14 kinda panicked me. If that is a mistake from uscis, i dont kbow what is waiting for me and my kid
  4. Hi @Stillwinning!!!😊. I had my ead c14 after 23 months after i360 submitted. Now i worry 2 things: 1. Why c14 instead of c31, if my i360 approved? 2. Should i bring this ead to social security agency to apply/confirm my SSN is legit now? Do you have any idea? Or see anything familiar? I appreciate your response
  5. Ty @sandranj for quick response. I have that ssn with the restrictions via work study. So basically the USCIS never been informed that I had Ssn. Should I update to USCIS along with GMC evidence or when and where should I update that info?
  6. My pro-bono has the rfe today. It is about GMC. for 21 months I asked the pro-bono used the blue paper to update GMC. She said:WAIT. And now😑😑😑.... I have a question since I don't trust that pro-bono any more. I had a ssn after I submitted my vawa package (i360, i765 (c31)). Should I used that rfe to update my SSN too? Or should I wait for c31 and update with social number agency? @sandraj@sandranj could you help me pls?
  7. Hi VJs, Just come to share a little bit of my experience. I'm Sep2017. Still pending May1st I sent a paper via certified mail to ask my congressman inquired on my behalf. May 7th I contacted by phone to he congressman. They didn't receive the form. Thus j went to their office and signed the paper. may 9th uscis updated my case for rfe. So thanks to @Stillwinning!!!😊 I make a contact and it works. Then I prayed that my pro-bono will not messed up my case again. I called 2 days, many numbers, finally her assistant picked up and told me she is on vacation, be back in June. I insisted that I must have the rfe when it arrived. The assistant told me to call back everyday to see if the mail arrived or not
  8. Thank you @Stillwinning!!!😊 You are so sweet and positive here. Hope that things are gonna be smooth for all of us. I wished I could be as helpful and optimistic as you are. God bless you
  9. I signed the forms in my congressman yesterday. Early morning today USCIS sent another automatic email that "my case is reviewing". Not sure if these two are relatedπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”?
  10. I contacted by filling the form on their webpage yesterday. Nothing come back yet. I'm waiting....
  11. Ty for your respond. I wonder if you only informed them you're i360 filer or you described your case like you did in this forum?
  12. Congratulation on your approval. It was so difficult to keeping faith se time. I'mSeptember 12th2017. As I understand September filer are still within normal range. How could you contact Congressman and he/she agreed to inquire on your behalf? How could you find your congressman?
  13. I'm in California and I just went to dmv for renewal DL with PF only. DMV approved to give me 120-day temporary DL. For longer DL Sacramento needs to review my case I'm waiting too
  14. My receipt day is sep 12 2017. Still within normal processing time. Nothing we can do but keep praying and hopes
  15. Good morning VJs member. Hope you all have goods news about your case. My att informed me that my 5th prima facie dated sep23 2019. She asked me to come and pick up if I didn't receive that prima facie by mail too?!?! How messy she made my case! Another waitings... 19 months passed. Nothing news even RFE, only continued prima facie for me and my son.
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