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  1. Had our interview today and it also went super smooth! Didn’t even ask to see our BCs, just our marriage certificate. thanks for your supportive comments!
  2. Thank you! That’s a relief. We won’t sweat it. Thanks so much! We won’t sweat it, then. How about your birth certificate? Did you have your original, did they ask to see it, and do you think I’d get by with just a copy if I bring along my passport as well?
  3. Thank you for your reply! Given that the interview is only a week away at this point, what would you recommend? I assume the form you linked to is not something we take with us to the interview and hope they’ll release those documents right then and there. Should I pay for a rush certified translation of my wife’s birth certificate, and have my parents mail me my original birth certificate via express mail? Thank you for your guidance!
  4. To add a bit more information, we have a copy of the certified English translation of her birth certificate we submitted with our AOS packet. Will this be sufficient?
  5. Hi there, We’re coming to the end of a two year journey, from filing for our I-129f to having our interview for AOS on 1/6/20. I have a few questions regarding the materials to bring to the interview for the AOS. When submitting our I-485 over a year ago, we submitted my wife’s birth certificate and certified English translation. We do not have another certified English translation of her birth certificate, just the original birth certificate in her native language. The I-797 for the interview says to bring her birth certificate and a certified English translation. I assume they will have our submitted completed packet at the interview, but I want to make sure we have everything we need. Does anyone know if we need to bring another certified translation if we already submitted one and they have it? Please let me know... given the time constraints (interview in a week), we are kind of worried about it. Another question: the I-797 also says to bring my (the US citizen‘s) birth certificate. I have a copy of my birth certificate, but not the original. Will this be acceptable, or do I need the original as well as a copy? Thank you for any clarity you can provide!
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