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  1. Finally got to have our wedding on the beach... Love and luck to everyone for all that comes next.
  2. You know, you don't have to be so entitled about it! It's hard work, drooling on your desk or taking naps or checking Facebook on your phone instead of processing your caseload. Have a little understanding for these poor folks, sheesh. (...you have to laugh about it or you'll cry.)
  3. Could be! Regardless of all this mess, here's one thing I know for damn sure: those Aussies are worth all of this and then some.
  4. I dunno...as I said, someone else with the same NOA2 and who got out of the NVC long after we did got an interview date in a reasonable amount of time, and had their visa on hand four days after the interview. I won the fail lottery. That doesn't mean you will, unless you pretty regularly have spectacularly bad luck like we do!
  5. Hi, have we met? I always win what I call the "fail lottery." Things that are just as rare as winning the actual lottery, and as bad as all that money is good, happen to me. Tiger's still in the land of Oz, I'm still here in New York, and (it seems) ne'er the twain shall meet. Wedding date is dangerously soon and I'd prefer if my groom weren't out of his head stupid with exhaustion from jet lag when we tie the knot...
  6. Interview was April 24th, so we've been waiting less time than you. But the lack of responsiveness or anything whatsoever being done to get it sent is not auspicious.
  7. You're quite fortunate. We were given an interview date two months out and despite repeated requests to move it sooner, all we got was a canned, cut and pasted answer that that was not possible, there was no waiting list, etc. Meanwhile, someone with the exact same NOA2 date as us but requested an interview long after us got a date long before us. We are also, after verbal approval at interview, still waiting for anything whatsoever to happen with the visa, and have a wedding date that is swiftly approaching. I swear those idiots in Sydney are just drooling onto their desks and not actually doing anything, but anytime we reach out, we get more canned answers that don't help. It's infuriating.
  8. I did the exact same thing. I didn't want to risk anything at any part of this process! One tiny misunderstanding = LOLZ POE IN 2023 MAYBE
  9. Mine's is too, although technically it'll be happening tomorrow night New York time. (Perhaps the one and only advantage of our ludicrous time difference, that I don't have to wait as long?) I'm coping by keeping busy, cleaning my apartment, getting lost in books, baking cookies, and writing in my journal. We're so, so, so close. Hang in there. Best of luck to us all.
  10. This is all completely normal, even in non-distant relationships. Who here hasn't snapped at someone after having a rough day that wasn't that person's fault at all? I think sadness or hurt is quite often lurking underneath anger, actually, it's just hard to see sometimes unless you really sit down and reflect on how you're feeling. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. Whether it's something that big, or something a lot smaller, it just serves as a reminder of how frustrating it is to have this enforced separation from our partners.
  11. Yes, completely fine, thank you for asking. Just furious. I can't stand liars. As I've said elsewhere in this thread, it's a lot easier to deal with sucky people when they just stop being so disingenuous about it. Just own it! Kinda like how we've all said of the USCIS, just admit that you're understaffed or completely apathetic/incompetent and that's why adjudicating a simple form takes eight months! Enough of the blowing sunshine up our you know whats garbage. We're all on to you. And today I had my suspicions about the Sydney embassy confirmed, that they're just as apathetic or incompetent...and fake. YOU'RE NOT FOOLING ANYBODY, SYDNEY!
  12. The Sydney embassy is full of liars and I hope they realize what terrible people they are. That is all. Just had to get that out. Thanks for listening and enjoy your day!
  13. And you were SOOOOOOOO WORRIED about me getting my NOA2 before you...! Congrats congrats, enjoy this next chapter of your lives.
  14. I wonder why? May's thread was still booming by this point in their timeframe. It's weird how much of a ghost town it's gotten to be here. Not like there isn't plenty of stuff going on after NOA2...