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  1. Nebraska has updated their processing times again, all petitions are now 11 - 14 months.
  2. Thanks for all the info and opinions. Of course this is all speculation, I actually don't know where my ex wife is at this point. Or if she filed a VAWA. There was no abuse. The closest thing to abuse would be a text message asking her why she is acting like such a . She did go to the hospital once, to have her thyroid removed. I promised her before she came to America that I would get this done for her. Her I-485 file is still open after 16 months. I inquired about it 2 months ago and received a letter stating that only the beneficiary herself could receive information. I read somewhere that it is customary for USCIS to put an I-485 on hold while a VAWA is being processed. I don't know if I would get involved with another foreign lady. But if I did file a petition for another, would the adjudicator of that petition have to do a search of my name to see that a VAWA had been filed naming me as an abuser? I know it is confidential, but would my name be placed on some list within USCIS? This process is inherently unfair if she did file a VAWA. There is no court or process for me to rebut her claims, or defend myself.
  3. This is a question for those familiar with the VAWA process. I completed the K-1 process for a Russian lady, she came to America, we married, filed the I-485, and I immediately knew I had made a big mistake. She was after the green card and nothing else. I withdrew the Affidavit of Support for the I-485 before the green card was issued. Of course she became angry. She refused to sign divorce papers. I assume she went back to Russia because she disappeared completely. I finally got divorced after hiring a Russian lawyer who handled the process in Russia. I suspect this lady filed a VAWA to attempt to get the green card. After the I-485 was filed she began using legalese language like I was trying to control her, and I put my hands on her without her permission (when trying to show a little affection). Her I-485 is still open after 15 months, with status "request for evidence was received." My question is this: how would it affect me if she filed a VAWA? Will my name be used in the evidence she provides to try to show abuse? And specifically, if I decide to try to file another petition for another foreign lady, will this fabricated VAWA be held against me? Will the adjudicators of another petition that I might file know that another lady filed the VAWA and accused me? Thank you very much for any information.
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