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  1. Where can I find the list of countries where you can re-enter the US?
  2. Congrats! One of very few attorneys that seem to do a good job. Glad to hear that there are law firms that actually do their work properly. Makes me even prouder that I did everything myself even though I did worry a lot as a spouse of an LPR. lol
  3. Congratulations!!! I would’ve been sooooo mad at my husband lol I’m glad it worked out though.
  4. I am so happy for you that you finally got your interview letter. I completely understand that your choice to get away from here. Every time I saw someone move forward I got anxiety because I thought something was wrong with my case. I kept patiently waiting and received my Green Card when I least expected it. Thank you for sharing your news. I was wondering if you have received your GC in the meantime but now it is clear that you still have the interview ahead. Good luck with your interview!
  5. Thank you! So, this is my guess. Beginning of this year I tried to raise one and it wouldn't let me submit one. It immediately said that I was within processing time and that I should wait. This time I submitted it and got a SR number. I checked my local office though and they are at September 8th, 2017. Mine is April 6th, 2017. I also realized that I probably got my Green Card because I submitted my work permit renewal. When you submitted yours, was your PD already current? I submitted my renewal in the beginning of June. They received it on June 11th. I sent them my i-485 notice with the paperwork that stated my PD. My Green Card was approved 2 days later on June 13th. I think the officer/employee who handled my case saw that I was current and instead of wasting their resources in processing my EAD renewal, they proceeded to pull my case and approved that one. This is just an assumption. Maybe my case was also still sitting in the DC office and my officer processed here. I hope that they will see that it is just a waste of time to process your work permit request and that they should process your GC instead. They don't make any money with our renewals.
  6. Just wanted to give an update and idea about how long it takes for the card arrives as soon as you get approval: PD April 2017 05/18 - Submitted AOS 11/18 - Interview 03/19 - i-130 approval 06/13/19 - i-485 approval & new card was ordered 06/18/19 - received i-797 (i485 approval letter) & case tracker (old) update: GC was mailed to me 06/19/19 - Case Tracker (old) updated to "Card was picked up by USPS" & tracking number provided 06/21/19 - estimated delivery according to USPS tracker
  7. Thank you! Yes it was absolutely clear to me why I had to wait. When I had my interview in November 2018 my PD was not current yet in the Final Action Chart fort F2A. You will not have the problem because your category is always current. I also had to wait a couple of months because they had to transfer my i-130 to the local USCIS office to be approved (yours is approved simultaneously with the i-485). So that took a couple of months to arrive there. Then they transferred my documents to NBC because my date wasn't current and I thought it would take another couple of months but that went a little faster I assume. I became current in May but thought I had to wait a couple more months for the transfers etc. I think for USC spouses the whole process takes between 9 - 12 months. So hang in there. I find it makes the wait easier when you are prepared to wait a little longer. Maybe you'll be processed faster than expected. I'll cross my fingers for you.
  8. You have a priority date. Everyone who is current in Chart B can file AOS. Everyone who already filed AOS should look at Final Action Date. I had to wait for this chart to be current in order to get a GC. I had my interview last year in November but my date wasn't current in Chart A yet, so the officer couldn't approve me right away. Just received my approval letter. My PD became current in May.
  9. My Green Card was just approved. Finally, after 2 years and 2 months (F2A). My interview was ready to be scheduled on June 1st, 2018 and was scheduled on October 10th, 2018. I received the letter about a week or 10 later and my interview was on November 21st, 2018 I believe. When I had the interview the officer did say that their office seems to be a little faster than others but this could have changed by now.
  10. Just came back from a short trip in Canada. Had no issues whatsoever. It’s just a little more time consuming but that’s it.
  11. I can't edit my post anymore but wanted to give a more detailed view of my timeline: PD April 2017 Submitted AOS - May 2018 Interview - November 2018 i-130 approval - March 2019 i-485 approval - June 13th, 2019 GC was mailed to me - June 18th, 2019
  12. I raised a Service Request today online and it worked. (Last time I raised a ticket it didn't go through because I was not out of normal processing time). I checked the Case Tracker online before I submitted the request. My account didn't show any update and still doesn't. Guess what I got in the mail when I got home? I signed up for the USPS e-mail notification and didn't know I would get a letter from USCIS. I thought it was the receipt notice for my work permit renewal. It is actually my i-485 approval. It says to contact them again if my card does not arrive within the next 90 days. I am so happy! Timeline: PD April 2017 Submitted AOS - May 2018 Interview - November 2018 i-130 approval - March 2019 i-485 approval - June 2019 Looks like my i-485 was transferred to NBC afterwards. Update: the "old" case tracker just updated and it says "Card was mailed to me". For my i-130 approval they only updated the new case tracker. A little messy but I am so happy! I will keep you guys updated when I receive the Green Card in the mail.
  13. I think November is a good time to expedite. Since it took them 3 months to transfer my i-130 to the local office, I believe it takes them another 3 month to transfer it elsewhere (mine was transferred to Texas or NBC or something). And then it probably will sit there on the shelf for a couple more months. I hope to get my GC soon. This is very frustrating. If the visa bulletin would have become current in March I would have gotten approved for the i-485 at the same time.
  14. July bulletin is online. Everyone in F2A are current. This will cause a huge backlog and delay and GC production. In addition to the already existing backlog.
  15. Sorry, I don’t understand from your post if I-130 was approved. Was it approved? My PD has been current since a month. I received my I-130 approval in March and I had my interview in November 2018. Now I’m just waiting for I-485 approval in GC. I submitted my EAD renewal on Friday because I have the feeling that it’ll be a long wait and that I’ll need a new EAD when my current expires in August.
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