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  1. Thank you so much for your response!! It's really helpful. 😊
  2. Hi guys!! I don't know if I'm in the right thread, but we got married 2 weeks ago, and planning of filing for AOS hopefully before the end of the month. I read a bunch of what I need and all, but I got one question. I don't have a SSN because we didn't request one when I got here (November 21). Did we wait too long? Because I know people usually got married pretty quickly and did everything soon after. I'm worried that my timelines are late for some reason. I'll try to gather everything soon. I'm so glad I found this!!! 😊
  3. Thank you! One more question, in the page it directs me to the inmigrant visa, but I know there is a confusion about it since it's considered Non-inmigrant. What should I choose?
  4. Oh i understand now. So November 5th was just a lucky spot that was open because of a cancellation. I'll check again today for a few hours. Thank you for the advice. Do you think like calling would be a good idea too to see if there's anything available? Thank you again!
  5. Hi you all!! I'm in a tricky situation because I sent my P3 today, and I wanted to pay the visa fee and schedule my interview for a few weeks, and I was really happy because earlier in the day I saw that the first available date was on November 5th which was great for us. But now, after only 2 or 3 hours, it changed to December 18th. Is that possible? We're freaking out because we can't wait that long. Also it says my credit card is denied, I don't get it. Someone from Argentina that can help me? Thank you!
  6. Thank you so much sweetie 😭❀️ I don't know when you guys will get married but I wish you both the best from the bottom of my heart. Beautiful people deserve beautiful things and you guys are experiencing it!
  7. Oh definitely! We're hanging there. Once the medical passes, it'll be so much easier! 😊❀️
  8. I wish! Doctor's appointment got super super delayed because of some personal reasons of theirs, and since they're only two doctors allowed, I had to wait. I was supposed to have my medical done on September 26th but it didn't happen because they had an inconvenient. So I wanted to re schedule for this next Tuesday but they're both out of town, so I had to get the Appointment for October 16th. Here's hoping no more delays and problems, but we'll see. We still need to get an interview appointment and takes several weeks here in Buenos Aires. Really taking a toll on us though 😭 but I'm so happy for you guys!! Hope you're enjoying your time together ❀️
  9. Omg congratssssss!!!!! So happy for you guys ❀️ so exciting!!!
  10. Thank you dear!! I don't think you need to wait for it, maybe you can download it from here depending on your country. It may never come! Some experienced that πŸ˜•
  11. We received an email today with P3. Apparently we get to choose our interview date so that's great! Gathering all the documents and ready for my medical in 2 weeks 😊
  12. Ok so I have a question about P3. I'll type it as it is exactly: 12. PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Please make all necessary arrangements to undergo a medical examination with one of the physicians authorized and included in the instruccions attached. You must pay the correspoding fee. All visa applicants (minor children too) require it. Please, send us a photocopy of the front side of the envelope as evidence that you have completed Medical Exam. Bring the sealed envelope, as the physician gave it to you, to the interview. If that envelope shows signs of tampering or has been opened it will not be accepted. I get that I have to go with the envelope to the interview but I didn't know I had to send a copy of the envelope?? I have my medical appointment on September 25th so that means I can't send the P3 before that date? Do I have to wait until after my appoitnment to send it? I'm so confused πŸ˜•
  13. I'm praying for you sweetheart! I know words can't cheer you up at all, but know that we're all rooting that you get good news soon. This process is patience and strength. Please hang in there!! 😊
  14. Hi!! Mine says that too. From my undertanding, some embassies do that which is pretty unfortunate. My medical appointment is on September 25th so I'm pretty worried that they schedule my interview before that, so I guess we would have to call to change the date in case it's not convenient for us.
  15. OMG CONGRATULATIONS DEAR!!! you both look wonderful! πŸ˜„πŸ’—πŸ˜„πŸ’—