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  1. Jordan J

    The writ of mandamus

    @Nov2017AD Yes 15 months is a lot of time, but we don't feel depressed. But instead, we both have been supportive to each other, during this time. This wait has brought us even more closer. We talk three times everyday video calls and chat even longer on weekends. I have told her to engage in extracurricular activities instead of staying home and thinking about it. And she is attending some evening classes on things she wanted learn. While I am back here working on some advance degrees keeping busy. So yeah... it's depressing only if you want it to be.
  2. Jordan J

    The writ of mandamus

    We have been on AP for the past 15 months!! But have never considered Writ of Mandamus, just for the same reason, it's consequences are usually not good. In your case; it's not that long at all. I would definitely wait a few more months before taking this next step.
  3. @RJandHamid We both don't want to wait for another round of CR-1 processing + AP when we file for CR-1. You are correct, about DS-5535. We will push back to as far as March, if its needed, as I didn't know; it's taking about a year from Casa Embassy for AP. I will wait out few more months and use our initial K-1 filing as we waited for so long. And yes they still have her passport. Thanks you for your reply and support. -JJ
  4. @Ben&Zian Thanks for reply! We both understand marriage is not going to fix the issue. And we are also not sure what is the hold-up for. My fiancé has travelled more than me. So I'm assuming it has to do with Security checks. -JJ
  5. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to ask your honest opinion and some moral support from anyone of you, who may have been in similar situation. Me and my fiance (from Morocco) got engaged in 2017. My fiance's (K-1) interview at Embassy was on Oct 2017, since then; she has been placed on AP for about a year now. The AP was for 221(g). Submit DS-5535 via email and mail missing police report. The interview went well as they took her passport. The following week, she sent all missing documents and were received on their end. But still on AP. Contacted Embassy last week and got reply, saying the case is still in AP. We both are tired of AP, as it's not going anywhere. We are planning to get married in Dec of this year. We both had been strong and understanding during these last 13 months. But we want to get married to solidify our relationship and to make it easy for our worry-some parents. Plus its makes more sense and logical to wait as husband and wife (after refiling for CR-1). This Wedding may also remove any doubts if there is any, in this relationship. We both are from same religion, first marriage and no kids.. she is 9 years younger than me. And I have visited 4-times to Morocco from the day we meet. Fiance K-1 visa is still active in AP mode, we both are confused and don't know what should be done at the moment. Is it wise to make this move. "Wedding while on AP" Thanks - Jordan J
  6. @EM_Vandaveer This is a perfect example of "Where there are NO checks and balances" in a system. I don't think, its worth the fight for me to take them to the court. They will deny as you have said; and sadly there is no legal option to this mess. But love shall prevail!
  7. @geowrianI believe it has to do with background checks. She has travelled to turkey several times with her sisters and recently to Egypt for her sisters wedding. Not sure what they are also doing with her passport in their possession. Thanks!
  8. @EM_Vandaveer Totally agree with you, but not all can be patient. I may have to talk to my fiancé also about this wait. Thanks.
  9. @Ben&ZianUnderstood, but this will clear any unreasonable doubts if they may have about our relationship. The case might get back on AP again. But as a US husband, it will grant me more legal rights to pursue other options. Thanks!
  10. @EM_Vandaveer Years!!! I hope not. Yes I email them once every month, and they copy and paste the same reply each time, which is so convenient. I also see them update my case, when I had stopped emailing them at one time for over 2 months. Since AP is a process, I am thinking to file for CR-1, if I don't hear from them soon. Thanks for your feedback.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have applied for K-1 Visa, my fiancé is from Morocco. My petition for K-1 VISA was approved by USCIS last Sept 2017. My Fiance had her interview on Oct 2017, and since then she has been placed on AP, she was told to submit her forgotten police report and DS-5535 via email, after her interview, and they also took her passport. This was all last year, she submitted all of these documents immediately and have been waiting since then. We have both contacted several times to the embassy, and me here in US have reached out to NVC and USCIS. All I get response from them is an email back from embassy saying "your case is still in AP, we will move forward once this process is complete" NVC says your case is not rejected; as they still have your file. Is my K-1 Visa at embassy is left to expire?? The paper that my fiancé got after her interview has a date which tells her to submit the documents a year from her interview (Oct 2017). I am worried that all this waiting will turn into a disaster.. Can anyone here relate to his, or have any suggestions. Anyone who had this experience or can shed some light on this matter would be really helpful.
  12. Jordan J


    @cdneh agreed that it won't put an end to the AP, at least it will make the relationship more concrete, remove any doubts if they may have and give me more rights as a Citizen.
  13. Jordan J


    @ambularanne I feel your pain and I know how frustrating this can be. I agree with most of the people here, and the wonderful advice some people offer here. My fiance is also from Morocco, our process was very smooth from the beginning, but got stuck towards the end at the embassy. Visa (K-1) was not issued and she was put on AP. We had a lot of evidence with us to provide, including facetime. I had already visited four times, in the past 2 years. This is not to make you feel bad, as you have only visited less, but its to say that they take this facetime into account seriously, along with other details of your ongoing relationship. So I have decided to put this AP to an end, by marrying her this Fall. We don't think that forgetting to submit police report should take more than 10 months to get an approval. Her interview was in Oct 2017. I have also visited USCIS office by making an infopass appointment with them, spoke to the officer, who basically had nothing to offer me. He said the USCIS has no jurisdiction over embassy abroad. My file which is still with them along with my fiancé's passport. So I have set a deadline to this AP, I will marry her and re-file. So should you (just an advice).
  14. @EandH0904 The case has been in AP since not too long. Even 60 days have not passed yet. My recent inquiry to them, they sent me back an response, saying it's still going through the necessary AP and will inform us when it's done. And the date on the case tracker website has been changed to recent one. So yes, petition is still in Morocco. I also know its expensive to get married in Morocco, but to me and her; is the wait.. I don't think we want to wait another 12-?? months for a spouse visa. We will wait on this K-1. Her training is for her own knowledge and family obligation. I didn't encourage this in the first place, she just wants to do it. And I have told her, and she knows; none of this will be accepted here. She is okay with this. -J
  15. RJandHamid Thank you for the feed back. I will keep you posted. Insha'Allah may your words come true and the waiting ends soon.. -J