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  1. I filled out all my forms and submitted the I-130 package whilst visiting my wife in the US, we sent everything off while I was there, and then I flew home.
  2. As far as I can remember there is nothing on any of the forms for CR1/IR1 that asks for the date you first met, all they ask for is the marriage certificate and any previous marriage divorce paperwork. During interview I was asked how my wife and I met, but not when. I don't see any red flags with your scenario.
  3. I am pre clearing through Dublin at the beginning of October, but I am staying in Dublin for a couple of days beforehand. It'll be interesting to hear how you get on. I hope it goes well for you.
  4. Is your husband ex military? If he is try USAA, my wife (USC) is ex military and we managed to get joint account with them before I moved across.
  5. StuBear65


    I got my MMR and Tdap done at my GP's at no charge, they accepted that I had chickenpox as a child at my medical and as my medical was in May I didn't need the flu jab. If your husband goes to his GP they can sort it out for him.
  6. StuBear65

    Photocopies of Documents?

    I took one photocopy of everything (including I-864, W2's and tax return), but was only asked for the original documents. For peace of mind I would do what the website asks for and take a photocopy of each. Stu
  7. I took copies of the I-864, my wife's tax return and W2's, however they didn't ask for them. That doesn't mean to say that they won't ask for yours. I copied everything before I submitted any of my documents to NVC.
  8. I'm looking at using these guys https://upakweship.uk.com/ although I don't have much to ship.
  9. His birth certificate should have been given back to him at interview.
  10. The interview was by far the easiest part of the process for me, although I was asked 6 questions! Congratulations, and good luck for the future.
  11. When you husband booked your medical appointment at Knightsbridge, they would have sent him an email confirming the appointment. This email contains information about what he needs to take with him, under the completed medical questionnaire bit, there is a link to the questionnaire, click on the link and print it off.
  12. You can't renew UK passports at the UK embassy or consulate in the US, all passports have to be sent off to the passport office in the UK once the online application has been completed.
  13. Picked my visa up today. I can finally book my flights!!
  14. StuBear65

    Interview - 25/05/18

    Congratulations, that sound pretty much like my interview, we probably had the same lady. I was quite bemused having jumped through all the previous hoops, how easy the interview was, not that I am complaining!! Good luck for the future guys.
  15. I was going through my divorce when I met my current wife, my divorce took forever and we were eventually married 23 days after my divorce was final. I had my interview last week and all the asked was if I had been married before, and how the previous marriage ended. They saw my original decree absolute. You have nothing to worry about.