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  1. I think your lawyer is right. Also did you ask your lawyer if you can mail in additional evidence to the field office?
  2. What you've described to me does not at all indicate this is headed to the fraud office. Don't get freaked out by one poster making assumptions about your case!
  3. You've nailed it. You have obviously already proven you're in a bona fide marriage, making this RFE all the more ridiculous. Like I said. Lawyer up. Withdrawing your application is not something to be taken lightly.
  4. You really need to consult with your lawyer. That's a huge decision and it should absolutely not be decided by this forum.
  5. It's a different officer reviewing at this point. As their own field manual says: The officer who conducts the re-verification is not the same officer who conducts the interview. In my case I brought literally hundreds of pages to our N-400 interview and they didn't even glance at them. So if I had an RFE I would also submit much of what I already brought to the interview.
  6. Why do that? I think that's for situations where you can't produce what they're asking for and don't want the denial to impact a future filing. Are you sure you can't still re-file even after a denial? But also it seems incredibly unlikely you would be denied, as they approved your I-751 without issue. The evidence requirements are more extensive for that application. Also in that RFE letter you posted it says 'may include but is not limited to'. It doesn't say 'must' include. If I was in your situation I would consult with my lawyer before proceeding. Or try an InfoPass appointment? You'll lose your filing fee and countless hours of prep time if you withdraw.
  7. Why do that? Maybe submit a written affidavit about why you don't have some of the requested evidence. Regarding why this happened, I found this in USCIS handbook: If an officer approves a naturalization application, the application goes through the appropriate internal procedures before the USCIS office schedules the applicant to appear at a ceremony for the administration of the Oath of Allegiance. [2] The internal procedures include a “re-verification” procedure where all approved applications are reviewed for quality. The officer who conducts the re-verification is not the same officer who conducts the interview. While the officer conducting the re-verification process does not adjudicate the application once again, the officer may raise any substantive eligibility issues.
  8. I disagree with your friends and family. The lawyer submitting these things changes nothing. What matters is the evidence, its relevance and its credibility. I assume what you submitted was not the same as what you sent with the initial applications? I also agree with your decision to submit online.
  9. I have to say, this is complete and utter bullshit on USCIS' part! The fact that you had all this evidence at the interview and they didn't even bother to review it actually seems pretty common, but for them to then send an RFE!? I've never heard of this happening. Very sorry you have to deal with this! What evidence are you planning to resubmit? Also if you have a bunch of PDFs you want to submit, you could potentially combine multiple into one to get past the file limit. There may also be file size limits to consider though.
  10. We only spent 1 day in the 'in line for oath' phase but everyone's experience is different. Your wait time is not abnormal.
  11. Below is the appointment notice. It will delay your case. Also the first thing the security guard asks is 'Do you have an appointment?'. I wouldn't risk a walk-in coming from St. Cloud. Look for an InfoPass appointment. You're talking about Support Center walk ins, not Field Office. My mistake. I can't speak to the situation there.
  12. Yet another example of how disorganized USCIS and their online systems are: our I-751 case tracker still says 'Interview Was Completed And My Case Must Be Reviewed', but yesterday we received a 'Notice of Action: Approval Notice' saying our request to remove conditions has been approved. Almost there! For those still waiting and looking at those incredibly long wait times, maintain hope! If you review the spreadsheet from this thread you'll see those estimated wait times are generally not accurate.
  13. Someone correct me if I'm mistaken, but I don't believe MN law enforcement can ask about residency status. This happened on a light rail train a couple years back and there was a huge uproar and the officer was fired. https://www.foxnews.com/us/minneapolis-transit-officer-fired-after-asking-for-passengers-immigration-status From the article: Minneapolis is not a “sanctuary city” but since 2003 has had an ordinance in the books preventing police officers from asking about a person’s immigration status unless it’s relevant to a crime.
  14. Right. The stamp is merely proof of his Legal Permanent Resident status. Even with an expired stamp he is still an LPR, he just can't re-enter the country.
  15. Only if he plans to leave the country, which should be avoided if possible at this stage in the game. I don't think his work can inquire about that. The social security number/card would be used in the government's eVerify system to confirm work eligibility.