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  1. We have registered for home delivery and when i called they would not last me change that becauae interview had already taken place. Visa was issued 25th so hoping as soon as they post tracking number we can go to dhl and catch it before they go on road with it and he can pick it up there. This ever happened to anyone?
  2. Dorena27

    Appointment Letter - Jamaica

    Correct me if you I'm wrong. But the confirmation page that you are referring to is the one the you printed when you scheduled the appointment...correct which is also the one you take with you to the embassy as well.
  3. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    Thank you soo much!
  4. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    Has anyone else in the past had this same issue with not be able to schedule interview getting case not ready to schedule error and had to send email for assistance. If so how long did it take them to email or get it resolved allowing you to schedule the interview.
  5. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    Let me know if they get it fixed for you.
  6. How long did you have to wait after your status said ready before you could schedule you interview in Jamaica? Also did you have to send any documents in to embassy prior to the interview or just take the documents with you to the interview?
  7. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    So Status is Ready...Filled out DS 160 and submitted it online. Once I try to schedule interview appointment online it tells me case still not ready to schedule appointment even though the CEAC status says ready. Has this happened to anyone else and if so how long after you were in a ready status was it before you was able to book your interview apt?
  8. I have noticed that many people on consulate reviews were asked the question why you did not marry in Jamaica. It our case it was because all my family and his dad lives in USA and it was just more affordable and easier for them to attend the wedding. Just wondering what others response was to that question? Next common question was what is your wedding plans. We do have wedding plans and have everything bought except the venue and setting the date. I notice some people have wedding invitations but hat is kind of hard to do when you waiting for an interview decision. Just wondering if anyone had an interview and was asked the following questions and how you responded to such questions.?
  9. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    Thank you so much for responding to me. He is on his way now to get So if I am correctly understanding. You have to have the letter that is included in packet 3 to take with you for the interview appointment. So you must wait to schedule interview and medical exam until you have received packet 3 from the embassy...Correct? it!
  10. Dorena27

    K1 Visa Packet 3 Instructions-US Embassy in Kingston Jamaica

    Did you have to take anything from embassy with you to obtain police report?
  11. Lets get this straight. I can wait another year. I am more fortunate than others I see my fiancé every 30 days. This was not about me. It was about others. And How do I know there is no order....hmmmmm.... maybe because even Ray Charles can see that! Now as for your bomb...maybe you need to eliminate your fuse. I am not new to this site either and you are no going to condescend to people with your attitude and expect to be respected. You have a good day! And I truly hope your selfishness gets you far in life.
  12. I don't know the order nor the problems but what I do know is a fact is a fact and need I say no more. Sorry that you got so defensive over me clearly stating that there has to be a better way. My intentions was never to offend anyone just clearly stating how I felt. But debating back and forth is solving nothing. It is what it is!
  13. Not at all what I am saying. It is only normal for cases to have issues. What I am simply saying is there must be a process in play to handle such actions with a better outcome. You can not work all over the board and expect to get so much accomplished in a timely manner. There is no legitimate reason why someone with a May NOA1 date should still be waiting with August approvals coming through. If an adequate process was in play everything would continue to move forward up until the point of an issue. I am not referring to cases with a problem, I am referring to cases that has even got a decision from May. It is only realistically to look at the older cases that needs a decision and then move forward appropriately. I have an August date as well but I can sill see what is not right! Now come on!
  14. I understand what you are saying but just being honest. We should never being working on August files until all July and previous months have at least been processed. Now I understand with RFEs that will take a little longer but just saying it doesn't make sense to work them all over the place when some people have never got any response for the first time with even way earlier dates.
  15. I just now called them and I told them I had been very patient and I wanted to know if my file had even been looked at and what should I expect. That I understand many of people are waiting and some even before my date of Aug 29th but it isn't fair to anyone to not allow them some sort of update. Peoples lives, feelings, and money are involved. Yes I don't even know and none of it really makes any sense. Seems like working cases in the order that they were received makes more sense.