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  1. I have been posting in July thread but am actually an Aug 01 noa. I got approved/card in prod on nov 17th. Updated to in mail on nov 22nd and received my 10yr gc on nov 28th. CSC and divorce waiver. No rfe no interview. FYI for those still waiting.
  2. Thanks! I submitted tax returns for 2 yrs, couple affidavits from common friends, electricity bill, bank account statement, car insurance, life insurance with her as bene, a letter from car accident lawyer addressed to both of us, photos, zoo tickets, universal studio tickets with sequence numbers, common apartment lease, flight ticket with both names, and a personal letter detailing our story
  3. I don't know if I should believe my eyes but I see ' card is being produced ' for the second receipt number from my biometric appointment. Csc noa date: 1 aug 2016 card is being produced: nov 17 divorce waiver no rfe or interview
  4. Seems like folks at CSC have gone on vacation. Approvals have again slowed down.
  5. CSC, pick up some steam! Come November and the holiday season and I fear you're going to slow down even further.
  6. Even at the present positive rate of CSC approvals, which on average appears to be 5-6 a week on a good week, and projecting 90 July filers on VJ, it looks like another 5 months to get through all July VJ filers. That means early Aug filers should expect to hear something in mid Feb 2018. Of course I'm still secretly hoping that the situation will improve and roc will again be prioritized as in the past.
  7. Hello July '16 filers, I also filed end of July and my NoA is Aug 1st. My proof of pr extension expiration is oct 7th so today I went for proof of pr extension stamping. It went smooth and they only ask for passport for stamping and evidence of pr. The only interesting take away was that the officer informed me that my case was assigned to an immigration officer three weeks back. I am a CSC filer. From experience, does anyone know how long they generally take to act on cases post assignment?