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  1. Ok, thanks! This is from time time it was approved, or from the time you received the approval document?
  2. No, i only filed for the travel document but this has it's own receipt number and it's not updated online uscis.gov yet! However, i am not worried about it not being updated because i got the approval notice in the mail - i am just wondering how long it will likely take to receive the actual card now as i am hoping to travel this coming wkd. Appreciate your help!
  3. Yesterday i got my approval notice for I131 in the mail - says it was approved on February 4th! Just wondering how long it normally takes to recieve the actual card at the moment. I have tried to track it on the website but nothing is updated - still just says my case was received and is pending. Appreciate any help on this question!
  4. Wes and Louisa

    Interview Prep & Packet 3

    We got a notification last wk to say our case was now being transferred to the Montreal Consulate and got the case #, we tracked it online and it is now showing as ready so i submitted packet 3. I got an email back saying that the case is not ready yet and i am not required to submit packet 3 yet - has this happened to anyone else? If so, do you resend it again or do i just wait now?
  5. We got APPROVED!!!! NOA1- September 21st NOA2 - March 16th
  6. I told them I was going to visit friends and they didn't ask anything else. I was unemployed at the time too and it didn't cause any issues. Hopefully it goes ok for you.
  7. So a month ago I crossed the border to see my fiance and I didn't have a return flight ticket as I was driving home with a friend and I didn't get asked a single question about it...every situation can be different, so hard to know but thought I'd share that
  8. Okay, i get it - so the stamps are more just to prove that you have been there and met. I included lots of evidence of visiting so hopefully its all good Best of Luck to September Filers..hopefully this is it and we all get approved within the next few wks! :):)
  9. Ok thanks @Naes
  10. Question on this...just out of interest, i cross the border more than once a month normally, and have always used NEXUS - is this really a reason we could get an RFE?
  11. Thank you @Naes - this is the BEST news EVER Its about time...
  12. Wes and Louisa

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    Oh ok - I'm not far from Toronto so it's probably the same for around here! Thanks again for the information
  13. Wes and Louisa

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    Ok awesome - i will look into that this wk...I was thinking I would just go into the office and request it...but you say there is a form online?
  14. Wes and Louisa

    K-1 Visa Interview Question!

    Thanks so much for this information - definitely helped. I've been hoping after waiting so long for our NOA2, we won't have a super long wait time for the interview. Also, do I have to wait to get my police check until after I get my NOA2? Or can I get it now in preparation?
  15. I know...its feels like its been forever since we first filed to that approval word is something i really look forward to Awesome, i will for sure. Thanks so much!