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  1. Thanks, it's been a slog! We finally heard my medical was ready to go and MIL insisted that we drive over and collect it (3 hours each direction) rather than waiting longer for it to be posted, so we're all ready to go. I hadn't actually considered doing it via credit card, but to be honest that's probably a better/faster option (also means I get instant notification on my phone when it's charged, rather than having to wait for a cheque to arrive and be cashed!) One more silly question if I may - I notice in your timeline that it shows the notice date for your NOA1 was dated to before the actual date you got it - is that the way it's done - they'll date any notices to the day they recieved them, rather than the day it's all processed/entered into their system?
  2. One more dumb question as this is (finally!) being mailed tomorrow - can the cheque be for the total amount, or should it be split up? Hubby is overthinking it and insisting it should be 3 cheques, but I'm confident it can be just the one so long as the total amount is OK.
  3. I only ever travel with a carry on (46l backpack) and my small purse, even for 4+ week trips. I hate checking bags. Never once been questioned. OP - FWIW - I spent a few months before I moved from my hometown to a new city considering that my personal items would be in storage for up-to 3 months during the move - I started off with 30+ boxes and got it all down to less than 5 in total thinking that if I didn't need or want a particular item for 3 months (ie: the stuff that'd be in storage), clearly I didn't need or want it in general. Saved me a bunch. That said, I also know how much it sucks not having your "stuff" in your new home - until my boxes arrived here I felt like I was just visiting. Once I'd unpacked a little it felt like "our" house properly, so there's a good argument for "don't bring all your stuff" and "bring all your stuff" either way
  4. We've only got 14 days left at this point until my i94 expires - I know by all accounts that as long as I've got AP there should be no issue if I travel, but I'd rather not have an overstay at the same time.
  5. Would you not use the whole 245-(c)(9) in the three boxes, or just leave the first blank and use the C-9? Mine is already filled and ready to go but now I'm double-thinking!
  6. One final question for you good folks before we send off our package! We are due to move in 2 weeks. (Just to the other side of a very small town - it's less than a 10 minute walk to our new home) I have read horror stories of people missing RFEs or NOIDs because USCIS hasn't updated their address properly after a move, so I'm wondering if there's any major issue that people can point out with just submitting our paperwork with our new address, even though we don't technically live there yet? If by some miracle a NOA is sent before the exact day we move in is it going to cause issues? Assuming we post it off this time next week - 18th Jan (currently waiting on the medical report from my civil surgeon thanks to a mess up with blood test results - they're getting the new results and will forward the package to me because they're a 3 hour drive in each direction) is there reason to expect that they'll cash the cheque & send the NOA before the 25th, and if so, will USPS return to sender as there's no one currently living at that address? I'm probably super paranoid, but this whole thing has been a stressful time and this is our last step before we can just take a step back and relax for a little while so trying to make sure that we don't mess up by using our new address.
  7. Technically the CBP officer is right. Unless and until you have filed for AOS she is technically deportable. Get those forms in yesterday
  8. dentsflogged

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    It's always been like that, though. Even back as early as season 1, the little "talking head" sessions were basically saying "and now we only have 90 days to decide if we really want to be together forever" and portraying some couples waiting until 11pm the day before the end of the 90 days to marry and such. As if anyone who goes to the effort and expense of a K-1 to "decide" if they want to marry that person. *eyeroll*
  9. dentsflogged

    Smart watches - looking for opinions

    I really liked my Fitbit Charge HR - managed to lose it a few months back, though. Could go 5-6 days without charging and it was accurate as heck. I love that it auto sensed activity and sleep. I got an Apple Watch because I was told it was an "upgrade" though TBH I don't find it so. Battery life is terrible (it needs charging every day), you need to download a third party app to track sleep (which drains the battery even more) and honestly I don't find it as accurate as the Fitbit - it always over-estimates distance and calories. There's no way that I burned 900 calories in a 90 minute hike, but that's what it says I did. The times I did the exact same hike with my Fitbit would say more like 450-500 which is much more likely. I've been told the Jawbone and the Samsung Gear are both quite good. Personally I rarely wear my smart watch now because of the issues above. One day I want to get another Fitbit Charge HR but for the time being I'm spending money on getting our new house sorted out.
  10. This is what I was advised. Sadly our office is really slow and I'm 90% sure I'll have to redo the medical, but I'd rather not risk having everything rejected initially for not including it then waiting weeks for an appointment (the closest civil surgeon only works for Immigration medicals once every 2 weeks, and the first available appointment I could get took me 6 weeks only because it was a cancellation the same day I called) while being out of status. I was totally honest - I was due to be here for 3 weeks before going back home for some important work events. A week after entry my husbands mother was diagnosed with cancer and her prognosis wasn't good, so we decided that we'd marry & I'd stay so I could get to know her properly just in case the worst happened (she's the last living parent between the two of us, and thankfully so far she's doing OK and has finished chemo and has surgery in a few weeks). I'll keep the records just in case it comes up in interview but won't bother front-loading Thanks on the other feedback. I think we are talking about the same thing with the clips.
  11. Hi folks! I know there's many other threads on this one, but I'm paranoid & wanting to get a 3rd (or 4th/5th/6th) pair of eyes over it all to make sure that we’ve got everything we need! We've both read and re-read everything so many times now that I think we're convinced that it's wrong. FWIW we are AOS from ESTA. I have considered if it's worth putting in some information showing that it wasn't my intent to AOS when I entered the country - proof of all the trouble I went to in order to quit my job (and the money I had to return to them since they over-paid me because of quitting without proper notice as per my contract)/arrange for my apartment to be vacated/cleaned and last-minute care for my pet but I've been told that it's overkill as intent isn't considered by USCIS? Here’s what our package has: Cheque made out to Department of Homeland Security for $1,760 ($535 i-130 filing fee, $85 Biometrics fee and $1,140 for i-485 filing fee) and G-1145 clipped to the front of the i-130. Overall cover-letter to describe the contents. Completed I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative) and I-130a (Supplemental Information for Spouse Beneficiary) and supporting documents: Marriage Certificate for Petitioner and Beneficiary. Photocopy of Birth Certificate of Petitioner (to prove US Citizenship) Photocopy of Birth Certificate of Beneficiary Two Passport-style photos each of Petitioner and Beneficiary Initial evidence of bona-fide marriage: Records of travel of Beneficiary to visit Petitioner prior to marriage, Copy of invitation to family event addressed to both parties at the same address, Confirmation of addition of Petitioner to Beneficiary’s retirement fund as the sole recipient, Copy of confirmation of Beneficiary being added to Petitioner’s health insurance, Receipts for items purchased by Beneficiary for joint residence (appliances, furniture, homewares - Husband was the one who paid the deposit and got the mortgage and my contribution since I can't be on the mortgage is buying appliances, furniture and things like paint and decorations) Approx. 6-7 photos taken during the last 2.5 years in various countries/cities during our relationship. Screen-shot from joint bank account opened for household expenses. Completed I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status) and supporting documents • Marriage Certificate of Applicant to United States Citizen spouse • Copy of US Citizen Spouse’s Passport (photo page) • Copy of Applicant’s Passport (all pages) • Print out of Electronic I-94 Arrival/Departure record Completed I-693 (Medical Examination of Aliens Seeking Adjustment of Status) Completed I-765 (Application for Employment Authorisation) Completed I-131 (Application for Travel Document) Completed I-864 (Affidavit of Support) I read in a different thread that we shouldn’t go to too much effort to put into folders or anything because that might get it rejected or delayed if it’s hard for USCIS to rejig the items into the format they want, but we’ve got some plastic sleeves held together with small clips (I’d call them “alligator clips” or “butterfly clips” but I don’t know what they’re called here – small metal clips with arms that fold open/closed that you squeeze to release the clip) to make sure that none of the documents slip out and get mixed up – each different item has a post-it note sticking out with a quick item number/description on it). Anything I’m missing or have wrong? Anything that's superfluous? I’m a little paranoid that I’ve got the fees wrong, but since it’s concurrent filing, I think I worked it out right? We’re planning on filing by the end of the week (just waiting on the medical report which is this Wednesday) so we have plenty of time to rejig if needed.
  12. I had to have MMR and TDAP as well as a flu shot. Thankfully, I'd already gotten these when I was back home (yay for socialized healthcare, it cost me an hour off work rather than $500+ here!) because my (now) sister in law had just had a baby before I was due to arrive so I wanted to get boosters before I went anywhere near a very small infant.
  13. It's one of the downsides of the K-1 process and there's dozens of threads dedicated to talking about the difference between K-1 and CR-1 all over this forum. Time was the K-1 was much faster which is why it was preferred, but the last ~2 years there's only around 2-3 months difference processing and it saves a lot of time, money and frustration. Basically - everyone makes their bed and gets to lie in it.
  14. dentsflogged

    Relocation blues

    That's exactly how I've been feeling the last 2 days. We haven't been having a good few days (stress while buying a new house, paperwork for AOS and the holidays all at once) and given the temperatures outside I'm feeling really cabin-feverish.
  15. I'm researching getting my cat here, and I'm told that no matter how the pets arrive (either with a pet transport company or as baggage) when they're going through incoming checks with the customs area (for pets) their carriers are cleaned as part of ensuring there's no contamination. As for the flights - I wasn't able to find any carriers that allow pets in cabins from Australia - USA (at least none without extra stops - all those flying direct don't allow it) and honestly I can understand why. No one wants to be the person sitting near an animal who spends a 10+ hour flight crying because they're crammed in a small carrier and in a loud and unfamiliar setting, and can't even get out to relieve themselves (and thus do it in the cage - imagine smelling THAT for half your flight). Glad your pup got in OK. I'm still desperate for my kitty to come home, but we have another month until we move into our newly purchased house and the landlord of this rental has made it explicit that he's VERY allergic to cats and if he comes in after we vacate & he has a reaction (because we "snuck" her in) that we won't see a penny of the deposit back so she's staying with a friend until we have our own place.