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  1. This list is what I was looking for from @missileman K-1 More expensive than CR-1 Requires Adjustment of Status after marriage (expensive and requires a lot of paperwork) Spouse can not leave the US until she receives approved Advance Parole (approx 3-4 months) Spouse can not work until she receives EAD (approx 3-4 months) some people have had problems with driver licenses, Social Security cards, leases, bank account during this period . Spouse will not receive Green Card for many months after Adjustment of Status is filed. CR-1 Less expensive than K-1 No AOS required. Spouse can immediately travel outside the US Spouse can start work if desired Spouse receives Social Security Card and Green Card withing 2 or 3 weeks after entering the US Spouse has legal permanent Resident status IMMEDIATELY upon entry to US.
  2. My husband and I just filed the CR1 visa. The pros are it's cheaper, your spouse will be a Legal Permanent Resident and have a green card (stamp in their passport) the minute they arrive. They can work and travel straight away. From what I remember the work permit is taking upwards of six months on the K1 visa. For me personally I would feel terrible waiting at home for six months while my husband went to work every day. I don't think it would help with the homesickness either! I've read a few people on here who went through the K1 and said they would have done the CR1 if they had to do it all over again.
  3. I had to do this in Australia when I applied for my B2 visa. I just told them it was for a US visa and they made sure it was the right size.
  4. I'm from Melbourne too! Just applied for the CR1
  5. I'm also from a VWP country and was approved for the B-2 visa. It all comes down to your ties to your home country.
  6. Accoring to the Attorney General's Department you can't registered an overseas marriage here.... https://www.ag.gov.au/FamiliesAndMarriage/Marriage/Pages/Getting-married.aspx
  7. I had to do the same thing when applying for mine. I just emailed support@ustraveldocs.com and explained the situation to them. They emailed me back and asked for a scanned copy of my bio-page and changed it on their end. I bought a copy of the email chain with me to the interview just in case something failed on their end.
  8. I changed my name after returning to Australia in January. We filed the CR1 with my married surname before I had received my change of name certificate but I have since received it 😁
  9. That's exactly what I did this past December. Perfectly fine, as long as you go back and file the CR1 visa. 😁
  10. Did you get a piece of paper with your passport? I have seen many people that have received a piece of paper saying no need for a packet as it is all electronic now.
  11. I was looking to move my cat over to Florida once our CR-1 visa has been approved but damn, that is too much money! How is it more to send a cat over than a person? That's just nuts.
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