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  1. I've had a crazy 2 weeks. I wrote in a previous post that at my naturalization interview, I was approved on the spot and verbally told my Oath Ceremony is on 5/30 by the Immigration Officer who interviewed me. I haven't received any mail/notices or change in online status since my interview on 4/15. On 5/15, 2 weeks before my supposed Oath Ceremony, I called USCIS and emailed USCIS asking for an update since I haven't received anything in the mail. The phone rep told me to continue waiting and told me there was nothing she could do. My email was forwarded to my local Charleston field office, and they wrote back on 5/17 saying that according to USCIS records, an oath scheduling notice was mailed to me. It should arrive "very soon." I waited and waited, and nothing. I contacted my local congressman on 5/20 who also put pressure on USCIS. My congressman's aides haven't heard back from USCIS. I continue waiting thinking it would be in the mail at least by early this week if they said it was already sent out by 5/17. Yesterday, 5/28, I sent out another email to USCIS saying that the notice hasn't been received by me and my supposed Oath Ceremony is in 2 days. No reply. Today, 1 day out from my supposed Oath Ceremony, I called USCIS and spoke with a Tier 1 officer. She said she doesn't see I've been scheduled for my Oath Ceremony and nothing has been uploaded to my Documents tab, and she cannot email or call my local Charleston field office. She told me there is nothing she can do if it doesn't show on her side. I asked to be transferred to a Tier 2 officer and she put me in line to wait. A Tier 2 officer called me back and told me she can escalate this and will investigate it further with Charleston's field office. The Tier 2 officer told me a higher up officer will call me in a few hours. My worry was that if I was indeed scheduled for my Oath Ceremony tomorrow 5/30, and I miss it because I never received the notice, that I will be penalized. Also my husband wouldn't be able to come since the original reason why the Immigration Officer scheduled me for 5/30 is because my husband's in the military and it's hard for him to take time off. The Tier 2 told me it's well documented that I've reached out to USCIS several times for the missing notice and it will be OK even if that is the case that I miss it. 15 minutes after I get off the phone with Tier 2, Charleston's field office calls me directly and told me they scheduled me for my Oath Ceremony tomorrow and will email me directly the Oath Scheduling notice and told me to print it out and fill it out. I've never heard of being emailed an Oath Scheduling notice before but voila, I got it through email and it's confirmed it's tomorrow! What a long ordeal... my online status still hasn't changed, nothing has been uploaded to the Documents tab, and I still haven't received any mail from USCIS lol. But at least I have the notice now. Fingers crossed tomorrow is the end of this journey!
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  3. At the interview, they will go through the parts you left out. Apparently I forgot to answer No to one of the questions and they asked me verbally and I was able to let the officer know and he can change the answer. You will sign that you are submitting the new answer. It's not a big deal
  4. Thanks all!!! Interview was short and sweet... I'm APPROVED!! Oath ceremony tentatively 5/30/19. (read below for full account and oath ceremony re-scheduling) Long detailed version..: I arrived 10 minutes before my scheduled interview time. I was called up exactly at 1PM (my scheduled time). The whole event from me entering the building and leaving was 30 minutes. Swore to tell the truth. Got my index finger biometrics from both hands. Then the officer administrated the civics test (What group of people was taken to America and sold as slaves? Why did the colonists fight the British? What is the political party of the President now? Who is the “Father of Our Country”? What is one responsibility that is only for United States citizens? We elect a President for how many years?). I had to read out one sentence on a screen (sorry can't remember what it was) and write a sentence ("There are fifty states.") The officer then went over the basics of my application (SSN, DOB, wedding date, full name, where my parents are from, where I was born/current citizenship, where I work, spouse's full name where my spouse works). He asked me to confirm the travel dates, (eg: you went to Canada once in 2018? you went to Canada twice in 2017?) He commented we moved a lot in the past 3 years (spouse is in the military) but didn't really ask me anything further. The officer went through all the questions where you answer "No" to on the application. Then he said ok, you're approved! I brought my tax returns with me, passport, my spouse's ID, and other evidence... but he didn't ask for it even once. All he asked for was my greencard and the N-400 interview notice that they mailed you. The officer that interviewed me said I was one of the fastest he's interviewed that day and he was very jokey and light hearted with me the whole time so it wasn't very nervewracking. I brought 2 friends with me and they were allowed to sit in the waiting room while I did everything. Once the officer said I was approved, I asked if I could have my oath ceremony at a date that worked for me. My spouse is in the military and won't be able to make the next oath ceremony (next week) and I know my spouse would want to be there for this day (also I go to all of his ceremonies so it's about time he goes to one of mine!). The officer was very understanding (for the record, he is also prior military) and he worked with me on dates and found one that would work for both me and my spouse next month. The office will mail me the official oath ceremony notice and I'll update again when I receive that. It is tentatively 5/30/19 unless they change something between today and then! Hope this is helpful to someone. Good luck everyone!
  5. Interview is tomorrow at 1PM Eastern. I'll update after on how it went. I'm nervous even though I've done all that I can at this point!
  6. I also have my 10 year green card. I received approval for I-751 on 2/6/19 and I applied for I-751 on 8/30/17. 😵
  7. I'm not in the military, but my spouse is. I did not expedite my application as I have no reason to. I applied for i-751 in August 2017 in California.
  8. Thanks! Mine says 8 months. Thank you! Are you planning on being a dual citizen?
  9. Just found this thread! Would someone mind adding me? I'm pleasantly surprised how fast the N400 process is so far compared to I-751 which took me 1.5 years! N400 Filing Date: 2/13/19 (Online) NOA1: 2/15/19 Biometrics: 3/4/19 Interview: JUST GOT THE LETTER TODAY! Scheduled for 4/15/19 Field Office: Charleston, SC
  10. I applied for N400 a week or 2 after receiving my 10 year green card in February 2019. I was immediately scheduled for biometrics which I completed on 3/4 and today (3/8) I received notification that I was scheduled for my naturalization interview and they mailed me the notice. My local USCIS office is Charleston, SC. Does anyone who have been processed at Charleston know around how long it takes between the interview and oath ceremony? I looked online and it says between 4 months to 13.5 months can be expected for the whole N400 process which is quite vague. It feels like I'm moving fast.
  11. Got my card today and got the email that I was approved 2 days ago. Finally!
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