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  1. Hello everyone! Because I've been married to a US citizen, I can apply only after 3 years since the start date on my conditional date of my green card instead of 5 years. My window will open in December this year. Since I got my conditional green card I had two trips. One was 5,5 months and the other one - 3 months. Essentially, by the time I can apply it will be 24 months of me staying inside the US and 8,5 months of me being outside. I read that I have to be inside the country for 30 months in order to be eligible, but that is for people who apply after living here for 5 years. Since I can apply only after 3 years, do I also have to be 30 months inside the US in order to be eligible or is it a little different? Thank you!
  2. I just received an email saying that my I-751 petition was approved and they sent me an approval notice. Is it really done now? Or are they transferring it? Shouldn't be saying that the new card is being made if it's approved? Thank you!
  3. Esya

    Please help!

    Thank you!
  4. Esya

    Please help!

    Thank you! I mean she previously applied to win a green card. She never applied to get a visa. Since participating in the green card lottery could affect a tourist visa approval, what would be the best visa to bring her here for a visit then? Or the only way to bring her is to do it through an immigrant visa?
  5. Esya

    Please help!

    I see, thank you! Do you know if the fact that she participated in the green card lottery would be counted against her? In the future I want to bring her over to the USA (if possible) that's why she applied in the past. But for now, I just want her to visit and the best visa for that would be a tourist visa I guess?
  6. Esya

    Please help!

    Thank you, I already know about that, the only thing I wasn't sure about was the financial part of this question.
  7. Esya

    Please help!

    She will be coming from Russia and she needs a visa 100%.
  8. Esya

    Please help!

    I see. I was hoping there would be a minimum requirement or something like that since a lot of websites write something like you need to have 200$ per each day you stay in the US, but apparently it differs from case to case. Thank you!
  9. Esya

    Please help!

    That's what I'm saying too. Obviously you need to fund your visit but what is considered enough for them? Is she supposed to have 5000$ or maybe even above 10000$ for a month or two? From what I read it's different but what do they go off of exactly? What would the minimum amount be?
  10. Esya

    Please help!

    Are you sure? Don't they check things like her marital status, if she had traveled to other countries before plus how much she makes at her job and stuff like that? Don't they have to make sure she will have enough money to travel? Plus I heard that she might need to get a health insurance prior to visiting. Is this all not true? Thank you!
  11. Surely I did. But I want to know if having loans affects it somehow or it won't change anything? Thank you!
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