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  1. Yeah, I had my biometrics March 7. Now my case is ready to be scheduled for interview.
  2. Exactly, but I’ll see. I hope I won’t get an RFE for that. I’ll have my biometrics this Thursday.
  3. I think it’s fine. I submitted mine with only 2015-2017 tax returns as the 2018 weren’t available yet at the time I submitted my AOS. Many people say it’s fine because USCIS knows the deadline for filing tax returns isn’t until April 15.
  4. Since his 2018 tax return documents show that he has made 7,767 for the year 2018, I believe you should file and include your joint sponsor in your AOS packet.
  5. Exactly, it's empty but they say that for those who are adjusting from K1, the priority date is the received date.
  6. I got a notice via text and when I checked it did say National Benefits Center. My receipt letters all start with MSC which I was told is for the Missouri Service Center...  anyway, what is the address for yout biometrics appointment and which state do you live in? Mine also says National Benefits Center. From what I’ve read, all cases are sent to the National Benefits Center (NBC) and then sent to local field offices once checking of the documents (probably looking for missing documents) and background checking are done.
  7. Yey, I also got mine today. Biometrics appointment on March 7th.
  8. As far as I know, all cases go to NBC first. Once checking for documents, biometrics and background check are done, they send it to the local field offices.
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