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    Timeline<br />May 9th '07 - Sent I-129F to Texas<br />May 16th - Texas received (Cheque cashed)<br />May 21st - 129F transferred to California (Registered online USCIS)<br />July 20th Called to trace NOA1<br />July 30th Rec NOA1 but using USCIS website date of May 21st<br />Aug/Sept Called 3 times and told "Will get NOA2 any day now"<br />Sept 21st touched for the very first time!<br />Oct 23rd Patsy coming to UK. We were advised that I shouldn't risk a visit to the USA whilst K1 pending!!.<br />Nov 13th NVC recieved our file.<br />Nov 15 NVC sent our file to London Consulate<br />Dec 16 Rec'd pack 3. Sent off next day<br />Jan 7 '08 Called Consulate. No useful info but got email code.<br />Jan 8 Received letter of interview for 14th Jan!!! Called Med Ctr.<br />Jan 9 Had physical in London (Yes..ONE day's notice for appt!)<br />Jan 14 9am Interview (Easy - Out by 10.20am)<br />Jan 17th Received visa by courier (£14)<br />Just got to sell up and fly to Georgia asap.

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    [b]Jan 17th 2008. had to go to London twice! Once for medical which was a walk from Euston Station. Then back again a week later to the embassy which was an quick and painless visit. I went in at 9am and was out bt 10.20am.
    [b]Feb 20th. Flew to Atlanta and arranged the marriage doc and date and we were married on the 1st March.
    [b]April 20th: I had to take my Geogia driving test (You have to have a Ga license after residing there for 90 days) BUT the license expiry date was the same date as my Fiance visa WOULD have expired IF I hadn't married!...Aaaargh! AND they took my UK license off me! (What if I go to the UK and need to drive?)
    [b]July: Went for my AOS appointment (fingerprinting, iris scan and simple form filling. 1 hour. I asked if they would give me a letter for the drivers license dept to prove I was married and therefore get my license renewed.... NO!
    So, having bought a much needed truck, I was forced to risk driving without either my UK, or Georgia license for 3 months until I finally got my Permanent Residence card! I also got my Employment card.
    [b]Sept '08: Gotr Emplyment card which expires on 25th Sept 2009:
    [b]Dec '08: Got Permanent Residence card which expires on 10th Dec 2010.
    Told to apply to have conditions removed from Perm Res card long before the officail 90 days before expiry date(?)
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